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Friday, April 30, 2010

God Bless America

In my world of doing nothing I always happen to notice some real fucked up shit and this is no different. Yesterday I read an article that popped up on my yahoo homepage that once again displayed exactly how fucked up this world really is. The Boy Scouts are a bunch of American Conservative faggots. Just look at the way the boy is dressed on your left. They do the dumbest shit like tie knots, make fires, and have sex with each other and as some sort of reward they get a pin or an extra loop on their belt. Before I get into it, what a fucking great reward. Nothing gives me motivation like the potential for earning a pin and an extra loop on my belt, nothing. However the Boy Scouts feel as though they are not in tune with technology or the future so they've created something that will assist their fags in keeping up with technology, a video game.

I thought to myself, fucking great, they're letting these homos play Grand Theft Auto and showing them that life isn't about knots or fire it's about slapping the shit out of hoes and earning that hard earned stolen cash. Nope, I couldn't have been further off. Taken straight from the article: Rather than shooting their way to success, they'll have to accomplish a number of far more mundane tasks to earn the new belt loop and pin, such as explaining the importance of the video game ratings system, working with an adult to build a schedule that includes chores, homework and gaming, and playing a game designed to boost math, spelling or other school-oriented skills. What the fuck??? These people are so fucked up they're forcing these homos to become even gayer by partaking in this dumb shit. Teach these kids how to rolll a spliff or negotiate with hookers not play a video game where they do chores and homework. Why not just stick a dildo up their asses, it's inevitable they they'll be doing it with each other in a few years anyway.

Why are people afraid to tell kids the truth about life. It sucks and we're all going to die so for most of us to compensate for that shitty feeling we have sex, drink a tonne, smoke some weed and die. You'll work for approx. 20 years of you're life (Literally 24 hours for 20 years) and you'll sleep for 25 years (literally) of you're life if you make it to 75 years old. Life isn't fair and the dumbass always gets their way. That's what these kids should be learning, that hookers and booze are the only way to life because it provides an escape from all the dumb shit pertaining to life. Instead we're teaching them to tie knots and start fires or do their chores and homework in a video game. Then when they start listening to Eminem and wanting to shoot everyone in the face we blame hip-hop and society's influence. Stop raising them up in a sheltered, disguised world and maybe once they see the real way of life they'll just beat their wives and do a lot of drugs, the better way of living life.

Recapping the Night: Back to the Drawing Board:

$200 Cardinals -190= Return of $305.26 (W)
$200 As/Jays under 7.5 -115 (L)
$100 Tigers/Twins over 9.5 -120 (L)
$100 Yankees/Orioles over 8.5 -110 (L)
$100 Arizona Diamondbacks +153= Return of $253 (W)
$200 Dallas Mavericks +4.5 (L)
$200 Phoenix Suns +100= Return of $400 (W)
$100 Redwings +115 (L)

Total Wagered: $1200
Total Returned $958.26
Total Loss: $241.74
Total Earned to Date: $2238.29

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Made For Everyone But Blacks

I have a friend who has happened to move up in life. He recently purchased a BlackBerry in an effort to improve his life. There comes a certain level of joy when black people are able to afford a blackberry because most of them just sit at home wanking expecting the world to give them something for no reason at all. (Sounds like someone we all know!) So he purchased this BlackBerry and is trying to set it all up. There's only one problem, after spending over 3+ hours trying to set it up, he still hasn't figured it out. RIM I want you to think about this long and hard for a moment. 44% of all prisoners in the USA happen to be black despite them only counting for 12% of America's population. Over 40% of blacks here in Toronto drop out of school before Grade 11. So my question to you Jim Balsillie is this, do you think it's a great fucking idea selling this complicated ass technology to black people?

We've only been free for a couple hundred years for fuck sakes, we don't know how to work BlackBerries or IPhones. Give us Turntables and a Mic or even a gun and we'll show you what we can do but a BlackBerry? We may have the newest Jordans, the girl with the biggest ass, the best ganja on this planet, and we may be incredible athletes but none of those things make us intelligent. Look at today's display picture, does that motherfucker look like he could use the latest technology? This isn't only pertaining to phones either I've had a toaster oven for about 4 weeks now and I don't know how to fucking use the thing. Every now and then I eat toast and I like that shit burnt as fuck. There are 4 settings on that oven and not one of them give me the toast I want. Bake, Toast, Warm, and Broil are the 4 settings and I've tried every single one and not one of them could give me dark ass toast in a reasonable time. I don't even know what Broil means? What the fuck does it mean to Broil something? It takes me 45 minutes to get the black toast that I want when the simple one we had previously did it all in 5.

At the end of the day black people hate responsibiliy and that's why we shouldn't be sold complicated-ass technology. Why do you think we abandon our kids before they are born? We can't handle all that shit, we rather smoke blunts and listen to Dr. Dre, not change diapers. You know the world is getting worse when people actually trust that blacks could handle the responsibilities of things like GPS systems, phones, and toaster ovens that say Broil on them. We picked cotton for years upon years and all of a sudden the world expects us to know this shit. There's a reason why most of us still live in Huts and dance around skulls and steal from expensive ships, come on folks stop putting your trust in us.

Recapping the Night: We went for the homerun and it didn't work. Slow and steady Wins the Race I guess.
$500 Marlins -105 (L)
$500 Brewers -156 (L)
$500 Giants/Phillies over 7 +100= Return of $1000 (W)
$100 Sox/Jays over 8.5 -110 (L)
$200 Twins +100 (L)
$200 Cincy Reds -105= Return of $390.48 (W)
$500 Barca/Inter under 2.5 +100= Return of $1000 (W)
$100 Hawks/Bucks Over 191.5 (L)
$100 Denver/Utah over 216= Return of $190.91 (W)
$100 Canadiens +287= Return of $387 (W)

Total Wagered: $2800

Total Returned: $2968.39
Total Profit: $168.39
Total Earned to Date: $2480.03

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trying to Understand Why Homos are Homos

Fuck the song but please check out that video. Ciara's new video has her floor humping, booty shaking, and invisibly pretending to ride cock. I don't know about you but everytime I watch that video I get hard as fuck and I've popped one off about 6x already. After my 4938th time of viewing the video I asked myself a question that I just couldn't answer. Why the hell are gay people gay? I'm not talking about the gays that are faggots from birth who play dress-up and hopscotch while the guys are playing basketball and soccer. I'm talking about people who have made a choice to be gay and those who like both pussy and to take it up the ass. What the fuck is wrong with you. Is there some great benefit that comes with taking it up the ass? Do homos get paid more than the average Joe? do they get better health care? Do they get more savings coupons in the mail? It's bugging the shit out of me.

After watching the video I just can't understand why any man would want to take it up the ass. What the fuck makes someone say they don't want pussy anymore? Sure all females are lying, dumb bitches but they still got tits ass and a fine pussy unless you're fucking a granny. Even the neighbourhood crackhead has some good features. Yet there are people, especially in the city of Toronto who say fuck all that and they hang out on Jarvis and Church St. and dress up in tight ass clothes and look for guys to fuck them up the ass. What the fuck is wrong with y'all. It's another sign of what's wrong with the world even though it's been going on for centuries. Men have some fucked up issues probably stemming from childhood so they decide they'll take it out on the world by getting fucked up the ass.

I'm starting to realize that I'm actually becoming intolerant of homos. It annoys me that they take it up the ass when there are chicks like Ciara out there who could use those aerobics to fuck you from 99 different positions. Yet I live in a city where people celebrate taking it up the ass and go around having a aids fest, I mean a parade. If Canada had any sense they'd make homosexuality illegal. (Unless it was something you're born with...which in that case you have a special Homo Card) They say if I piss on the street it's public urination and it's disgusting so I'm breaking the law. What about the thought of two men taking it up the ass? Isn't that disgusting? What about watching 2 faggots kiss or dress up in tight ass clothes..isn't that disgusting? Come on Canada you're dropping the ball. Better yet it should be like Jamaica or Trinidad....if you're a homo you better hide because someone is willing to put you in a box 6 feet under. Fuck tolerance.

Recapping The Night: I need the money so I'm betting a little differently today. Starting with baseball I'm betting more units and we'll see how it goes throughout the day.

$100 Mets (game 1) -138= Return of $172.73 (W)
$100 Padres +120= Return of $220 (W)
$100 Tigers -105 (L)
$200 Yankees -170 (L)
$100 Chicago Bulls +12= Return of $190.91 (W)
$100 Bulls/Cavs over 199 (L)
$100 Heat/Celtics over 188 (L)
$100 OKC Thunder +6 (L)
$100 OKC Thunder under 193 (L)
$100 Phoenix +100 (L)
$100 Phoenix/Redwings over 5 -125= Return of $180 (W)

Total Wagered: $1200
Total Returned: $763.64
Total Loss: $436.36
Total Earned to Date: $2311.64

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here's Why Females are Only to Be Fucked, Not Trusted

Busy day that never will end so this one is going to be short. Meet Jenna Jameson. Why is she famous? Cause she could probably stick 2 cocks in her vagina at the same time. The world's most famous porn star. So why is she the topic of today's blog? Because she's a dumb lying bitch like every other girl on this planet (except my mom!) Jenna Jameson got the beatdown last night, literally. Tito Ortiz, her boyfriend with whom she has 2 kids with, laid the smackdown on her candy ass. I don't condone shit like this but but watch how it all unravels.

Earlier yesterday, Jenna called the cops on her man. He gets arrested and TMZ says she has visible injuries. Torn liagments and shit. At noon Jenna says: My kids are safe and I'm okay but I'm pressing charges and all is well with the world. At 8pm the same fucking day Jenna says: I love him and want to work things out but I can't see him for a month. Bitch make-up your mind. You called the cops on his ass and now all of a sudden you want to reconcile things because you're probably starving for dick.

Jenna Jameson has made a living off selling herself. Her pussy is probably wider than the gap between Michael Strahan's teeth. Yet TMZ and the rest of the world is eating her out because she was abused. She got pinned to a floor big fucking deal. Now she can't make up her mind if she wants Tito in jail or if she wats to work things out. Why does the world place any sort of responsibility on people like this? Bitch shut the hell up and keep swollowing other people's kids.

Recapping the Night:

$100 Mets +117 (Push)= Return of $100 (P)
$100 Cardinals -110= Return of $190.91 (W)
$200 Phillies -155 (L)
$100 Diamondbacks -105= Return of $195.24 (W)
$100 Tigers +129= Return of $229 (W)
$100 Red Sox -140= Return of $171.43 (W)
$200 Bucks +2 -110= Return of $382.83 (W)
$100 Bucks/Hawks under 190 (L)
$100 Suns/Blazers over 202 (L)
$100 Sabres/Bruins over 5 +115= Return of $215 (W)
$100 Capitals/Canadiens over 6 -115 (L)

Total Wagered: $1300
Total Returned: $1484.41
Total Profit: $184.41
Total Earned to Date: $2748

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Why I'm Greater Than Most of The People In This World

Welcome to 2010, the year where more and more dumb shit gets rewarded. There's no such thing as journalistic integreity, accountability, or having a skill or a gift anymore. If you have 2 fat kids that smile ever so often then you're going to become a millionare. Why does retarded shit like this get popular? 183 million views and counting, that's 6 times the population of Canada, what the fuck folks? That's what is wrong with the world. In the past you had to have a certain skill to go get money. You had to hustle, every dollar you earned was well deserved in one way or another. Now, just videotape yourself doing dumb shit and you'll become a millionare in no time. "Oh no Charlie bit my finger," 6 words that made those parents instant millionares. Since they uploaded the video they've been on the Tyra Banks show and gotten a whole lot of publicity. For what? nothing.

It's 2010 and I'm consistantly surrounded by dumbasses. I won't get a job that I want because it's taken by some assclown. I won't fuck the girl I want because she's fucking the assclown with my job who happens to have a nice car. That's going to be my life in a nutshell. Then I'm going to come home and search youtube and find people exploiting there kids and making a fortune. Whatever happened to talent? Athletes no longer have to win, they just have to take 29 shots in a game because they can. People don't have to make good music anymore they get a simple catch phrase with a dance and they become instant millionares. Hell the people who you trust with your money are probably running a Ponzi scheme and for all you know you're retirement savings are fucked. That's what the world is coming too people. We'll be surrounded by faggots gettig bummed on street corners while Asians force us to speak mandarin selling us shitty ass products that don't work.

How the fuck does Nancy Grace still have a job? Why do people support Justin Bieber? How is Martin Lawrence still acting in films? Is the whole fucking world taking some form of acid I haven't found out about yet? There once was a time when dumb shit like the viral video above would get mocked and no one would pay attention to it. Now half the world is viewing it talking about how great it is and trying to imitate it. That's what is wrong with the world, everyone is a fucking puppet. No one has creativity anymore, it's filled with a bunch of yes-men who suck the dick of any person they find who happens to be more successful than them. Everybody kisses everybody elses ass and it goes around like a revolving door til the product increasingly becomes worse. Now one minute clips of a British wank laughing and crying because his brother bit is finger is amusing to the world and they should be rewarded with millions of dollars. Where the fuck are my millions? Oh wait...I'm black.

Recapping the Night: Not enough K-lube to save this night. The holocaust, 9/11 and Pearl Harbour all wrapped in one.


$400 Mumbai Indians -125 (L)
$500 CSK in game hedge +100= Retun of $1000 (W)
$100 Celtics +105 (L)
$100 Cavs/Bulls under 194.5(L)
$100 Mavs +125 (L)
$100 Nuggets +105 (L)
$100 Padres -115 (L)
$200 Cardinals -102= Return of $390.48 (W)
$100 Phillies -109 (L)
$100 Jays/Rays over 9 -105 (L)
$100 Tigers +120 (L)
$100 Yankees -135 (L)
$100 Canucks/Kings over 5.5 -110= Return of $190.91 (W)
$300 Seattle Sounders +180 (L)

Total Wagered: $2400

Total Returned: $1581.39
Total Loss: $818.61
Total Earned to Date: $2563.59

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

No Blog Today Just Picks

I'm abandoning a Sunday issue like black dudes abandon their kids. The numbers just aren't there. Sundays are usually slow. So from now on we go Mon-Sat. Yes I'm lazy, blow me.

Recapping the Night:

$300 Orlando Magic -2 -110= Return of $572.73 (W)
$200 Phoenix Suns -2 (L)
$300 Atlanta Hawks +100 (L)
$200 Deccan Chargers +110 (L)
$100 Phillies -105= Return of $195.24 (W)
$100 Yankees -110= Return of $190.91 (W)
$100 Blue Jays/Rays under 9 -130 (L)
$100 Minnesota= Return of $183.33 (W)
$200 Pens -150= Return of $333.33 (W)

Total Wagered: $1600
Total Returned: $1475.54
Total Loss: $124.46
Total Earned to Date: $3382.20

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Like Drugs, When you Encounter a Hot Teen, Just Say No

The love lady on your right is Zahia Dehar. Take a good look boys, now stop watching. If you're still watching her then chances are you're a sick, twisted pedophile. That bitch is like 12. Okay a slight over-exaggeration but she just celebrated her 18th birthday. Why the big fuss? She's been fucking 4 guys on the French National Soccer team, including everyone's favourite Franck Ribery and Kareem Terrorist.Is France really like Senegal? Is there not enough pussy to go around so they all resort to sharing some fake breasted underaged hoe. This thing is wrong on so many levels I don't know where to begin. Let's start with the most famous player of them all (no pun intended) Ribery.

His French ass is so ugly you just know he went 4th in the four-man rotation. There's Kareem Benezema who is an Algerian Muslim, enough said. Sidney Govou is the token negro so he was definitely batting lead-off. Then there's Ben Arfa, a French kid originally from Tunasia....he probably lost his virginity to this hoe. So all these guys for the past year have been sharing this one girl, Zahia. Ribery, who is lucky he married a white woman, has her full support in the trial accusing him of being a pedophile. These guys make millions of dollars a year and not only do they share prostitutes which is disgusting in itself, they go for the under-aged ones. Now a guy like me who is just a degenerate gambler with no hope of doing anything productive in this world; if a chick like that comes my way and wants some cock I'm not refusing. However, multi-millionare athletes are going for the young ones these days? What the fuck.

I'm convinced these guys will just fuck the first pussy they see. You got a French dude, an Algerian, a Tunasian, and a negro from Benin (where the fuck??) all sharing a  Moroccan. When I think of Morocco I think of sand and terrorists trying to fuck my shit up, it's definitely not a place I venture to bang women. I mean you're all French for fuck sakes the whole country is filled with pussies. (Literally and figuratively) You 4 twisted fucks had to get one teenager and decided to share her? Is it worth the trial for banging an under-age broad? That pussy must now be wider than Rihanna's forehead. Once again we see a huge issue with today's modern day athlete. Their decision making skills are so terrible they could legally be declared retarded. They'll stick their dick inside anything: females, males, animals, pool jets, it's all fair game. I'm out guys going to go on Expedia to book a flight to Morocco, don't ask why!

Recapping the Night: Joba does his best Kyle Farnsworth Impression. Pierce shows Kobe how it's done, and an unusal number of pushes.


$100 Boston Celtics +165= Return of $265 (W)
$200 Boston Celtics +4 -110= Return of $381.82 (W)
$200 Denver Nuggets +120 (L)
$100 Nuggets/Jazz under 216 -110= Return of $190.91 (W)
$200 Yankees -130 (L)
$100 Jays/Rays over 8.5 -115= Return of $186.96 (W)
$100 Cardinals/Giants over 6.5 -130 (L)
$100 Rockies +101= Push/Return of $100 (P)
$100 Brewers +110 (L)
$100 Brewers/Cubs over 9 +100= Push/Return of $100 (P)
$100 Mets +121= Return of $221 (W)
$50 Bruins +130 (L)
$100 Kings/Canucks over 5.5 +120= Return of $220 (W)
$100 RedWings/Phoenix over 5 -130= Push/Return of $100 (P)

Total Wagered: $1650

Total Returned: $1765.69
Total Profit: $115.69
Total Earned to Date: $3506.66

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Message to Kobe from a Disgruntled Gambler

The rapist, pedophile from Italy better yet known to the world as Kobe Bryant is a fucking faggot. I'd wish him death from aids but aids doesn't deserve that sort of torture. Kobe Bryant you are one fucking ballerina piece of shit cunt. In a typical basketball game if you're not shooting well it would be wise to pass the ball around especially if you're being triple-teamed. However, because Kobe is some over-confident cocky son of a bitch he doesn't need to do those things. In Kobe's world he's allowed to blow double-digit leads and despite shooting 10-29, it's okay because it's Kobe fucking Bryant. That's what is wrong with today's modern day athlete, there is no one to get in their faces and tell them to stop being such a fucking ass clown. Guys are surrounded by people who constatly tell them how amazing they are and there is no accountability.

Kobe, your fan base consists of rich Asian doctors that have no clue about basketball or Mexicans who are trying to get their permanent resident status so they try and become as much "American" as they can. For fuck sakes your wife is Mexican, who the fuck willingly marries a Mexican?  When it's all said and done you're going to be most famous for banging the shit out of some average white teen in Eagle, Colorado and then paying her to shut up and paying your Mexican wife to stay with you. Yup, you're so fucking stupid you paid a Mexican to stay with you. What I watched today was the most pathetic display of basketball I have ever seen in my life. They defended your ass well so what do you do? You shoot and shoot and shoot, get blocked, some of them were airballs and then you look to the refs and pout because things weren't going your way.

On most nights you remind the world of Jordan, today you were Jose Calderon in disguise.  Just because Cabral Richards and every other dumb piece of shit in the world sucks your dick doesn't give you a right to play basketball like a total assclown when you feel like it.I wonder what it's like being a guy whose only friends are the Donkey from Shrek and the Blue thing in Avatar. It's okay for you to shoot 10-29 and single-handedly take your team out of the game Kobe because you're the perfect athlete .Sorry princess you'll never be the best. Tell Shaq how his ass tastes.

Recapping the Night:

$300 Chennai Super Kings -138= Return of $519.39 (W)
$200 Cavs -3.5 -110 (L)
$200 Lakers +150 (L)
$200 Phoenix Suns -105= Return of $390.48 (W)
$100 Suns/Trailblazers over 204.5 (L)
$100 LA Dodgers -116 (L)
$200 Colorado Rockies -170= Return of $317.65 (W)
$100 Devil Rays +105= Return of $205 (W)
$150 Brewers -150= Return of $250 (W)
$150 Draw or Fulham Win +110= Return of $315 (W)

Total Wagered: $1700

Total Returned: $1997.52
Total Profit: $297.52
Total Earned to Date: $3393.97

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Commercials Give Me Urges, Usually Bad Ones

If you haven't seen the above commercial on your television screen please click the link before you continue any futher. We've all made mistakes in our lives and I've probably been behind the wheel once or twice when I shouldn't have been and I'm thankful everyday that nothing came of it and I was able to realize my mistake. However, between MADD and that dumb ass commercial that is always on the television, I think I'm going to start advocating for drunk driving. Sometimes people don't think before they get behind the wheel and a poor soul could be killed over one's stupidity but it's not always a bad thing. Take for example I'm at the pub and I smash about 10 pints of MGD. I get behind the wheel, now there are statistics that say I may kill an innocent human being. There are also statistics that say I might kill one of those annoying cunts in the youtube video. The reward is far greater than the potential risk.

It's worth the jail time if you ask me. These cunts make these dumbass videos, get paid and everytime I'm watching a sporting event on the television I hear that gay ass song. " You can do the right thing"....bitch shut the hell up I want to do the opposite of whatever the fuck you're telling me to do. After viewing that commercial repeatedly I'm suprised someone hasn't gone out, gotten hammered and just ran people over for the fuck of it. The commercial makes it seem as though being dead is far better than living on this earth with cunt actors like those people.

Then you got MADD who exploit the victims of Drunk Driving and hoards all the loot to themselves. The non-for-profit organization spends 58% of its revenue on fund raising. So they make money to make more money, how fucking great. All the while these cunts are crying about video games like GTA and the age limits pertaining to alcohol. 90% of kids have had their first drink by 16 years old, MADD you aren't doing shit but taking donations as hefty salaries. The government of Ontario, please handle drunk driving cases and do whatever you want with people who drive drunk. That shit ain't got nothing to do with me because I don't do it. However, if your going to subject me to these gay ass ads then soon enough I'm going to start thinking about drinking and driving because surely being dead or in jail is much better than watching MADD or that other dumb ass ad you have on my television screen. In all seriousness folks don't drink and drive, instead you should smoke and fly.

Recapping the Night:

$300 Mumbai Indians -138= Return of $517.39 (W)
NBA: $100 Orlando Magic -8.5= Return of $190.91 (W)

$200 Dallas Mavericks -3.5 (L)
$100 SF Giants +111 (L)
$200 Rockies -108 (L)
$200 Phillies -160- Return of $323.08 (W)

$100 Devil Rays +100= Return of $200 (W)
$100 KC Royals +100= Return of $200 (W)
$100 Cardinals -156=Return of $164.52 (W)

$200 Washington Capitals -200= Return of $300 (W)

Total Wagered: $1600
Total Returned: $1895.90
Total Profit: $295.90
Total Earned to Date: $3093.44

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If You're Going To Do Something Illegal, At Least Do it Right

Oh Africa, can you do anything right? These Nigerian scam emails they send to people have been going on for years but until this past week I've never actually seen one. I finally received one in my junk email folder and I was completely shocked that people in this world are actually that fucking stupid to fall for this dumb shit. This random bitch named Jane Gargan pm'd me tellig me she saw my profile and was interested in me. I'm thinkin, I know this is a fucking scam but at least send me a picture of yourself. I thought Jane Gargan was a white name so I was actually delighted when I saw that she/he responded to me email with a picture. This bitch said she's from fucking Sudan and then gave me some ugly ass picture.

Bitch, I wanted a white girl not some ugly Sudanese girl. Anyway in the following email this Jane girl who looks like a dark fat version of Helen Hunt told me her father was assassinated and she doesn't feel safe in her country. She wanted to wire me $7.2 million USD and once everything was clear we'd go 60/40 on the transaction. Who in the fuck wants to believe that? Some random bootleg Helen Hunt Sudanese girl's father left her $7.2 million usd and she isn't safe in her hut and wants to split the money up with me. You can add up the combined savings of every single citizen of Sudan and that money wouldn't even equal to 1/4th of $7 million yet I'm supposed to believe this ugly bitch who probably shares a hut with 30 people who all have aids.

C'mon man that isn't the way to do things. First of all you need a realistic attractive white girl. Then you need a realistic figure not $7.2 million USD but instead a couple hundred thousand and a bag of Fritos. The email should have said, "Hey I'm a sexy spanish chick from Mallorca, Spain and my dad is upset with me because he found out I'm not a virgin. I'm worried that he'll transfer all my savings and he'll send me to public school. People accept this $100,000 and if all goes well you get 15% and a few naked pics, I'll even see you and let you cum on my face." I'd be all over that deal quicker than Franck Ribery when he sees an underage Moroccan prostitute. No one wants some broken down, aids filled Sudanese girl with $7.2 million in monopoly money, Africa get serious.

Recapping the Night: Lost all the figures but we lost $151.43 last night. We'll bounce back. More picks coming soon.

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Blog Returns No Later Than Noon

Exams are almost over, one left. I'm tired so no blog til the morning/noon. I'll leave the one cricket play up because I think the match kicks off at 10:30am. Enjoy the day (by that I mean don't infect anyone with aids)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some Lives Are Simply Worth Not Living

Today we're going to look at another Asian country that should have all of its citizens shipped to the South Pole. Welcome to South Korea, a place where people have fought for independence, have made shitty ass Kia cars and in general make discount electronics that only black people and white  trailor-trash buy. I recently read an article that made me think about how some people just have to be controlled. I was browsing the net the other day when I came across an article about a South Korean couple who were being charged with mudering their child. The motive? They neglected the kid and she died from malnutrition because they were too busy feeding their virtual baby in an online computer game. I wish this were a fucking joke but the truth is, it's more real than Toronto FC missing the playoffs this season.

Really South Korea, what the fuck is wrong with you people? I wish that North Korean crazy fuck, Kim Jong had control of you retards. You fuckers shouldn't even be allowed to visit the bathroom without responsible people holding your hands. The leader of South Korea is worried about a crisis because there are so many people addicted to gaming in this country. Not even black people could be so irresponsible. You fuckers need to be controlled in everything you do. Should be forced to wear helmets to bed, game consoles and computers should be banned in your country and wearing adult diapers should be mandatory for the whole country. I'd ask these cocks if they ever got laid but they aren't even interested in pussy, a bunch of asexual motherfuckers who live to raise virtual kids on the computer.

Go out and do drugs or fuck multiple hoes or make money. Don't sit inside your fucking house all day raising "pretend" kids while making your kids suffer (literally) This couple should be sentenced to life in solitary confinement and the one hour of recreation time they get should consist of some big black dude raping the fuck out of them. Inhumane and quite incomprehensible, I agree but what these fuckers are doing is the same damn thing. If you're neglecting a child for a virtual computer game, then your life is simply not worth living and you should be forced to live a life controlled by someone else. What the fuck is so fascinating about raising an online child anyway? Could I wank too it? no. Does it give me weed or money? no. Will it help me get laid, I'd like to think no but in this region of the world who the fuck knows. South Korea smarten up because that Kim Jong motherfucker got nuclear weapons up his ass and if you keep slipping up he'll use em. To be honest, I don't think the world would shed a tear either. I'm out, going to play FIFA 2010.

Recapping the Night: Fuckin stubborness with NHL. The other night I liked Pitt. at -125 and didn't take it. Tonight I said I'm going to take everything I like and it cost me.


$100 Chicago/Cleveland over 191 -110= Return of $190.91 (W)
$100 Cleveland -10.5 -110 (L)
$100 Nuggets/Jazz over 212.5= return of $190.91 (W)
$200 Mumbai Indians -138 (L)
$100 Devil Rays +160=return of $260 (W)
$200 Cardinals -132=return of $355.04 (W)
$200 Rockies -150 (L)
$100 Canucks -115 (L)
$100 Sabres/Bruins over 5 +105 (L)

Total Wagered: $1200
Total Returned: $996.86
Total Loss: $203.14
Total Earned to Date: $2949.37

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Blowing Harder than Kim Kardashian after she sees a Black Guy

Before I get into it I'd just like to say I'm motherfuckin back. Had to take a few days off to get somethings out the way but thanks for all your patience. I just want to say ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Take that Europe, you fuckers aren't going anywhere for a while. If there's one thing I hate about Europeans it's the nationalism. Where you from? Oh Glasgow, we live in council homes but we have the best city in the world. Where you from? Oh Romania, we have gypsies and  people who look like unicorns but we're the best country in the world. Like fuck off Europe, your all a bunch of Kylie Minogue listening, speedo wearing faggots.

Everyday I'm in one way or another forced to hear about how great Europe is. How soccer is so amazing, how the mild temperatures are great and how the girls are amazing. It was so amazing that they needed help from the Western World in order to save themselves, twice. Europe, eat a dick and I'm glad that you're all stranded and suffering and bitching because of the Icelandic volcano . Pipe down Europe you gave us Oasis, the Beatles, and Abba no need to tell us how great you are. The greatest thing that could have happened to the world was the Icelandic Volcano. We are spared from your skinny-jeans loving, faggot metro-sexual attitude. Real men drink beer, listen to Sam Cooke and fuck bitches with fat asses. We don't wear sweatered vests, listen to techno and and have orgies that are a 7 to1 dick to pussy ratio. Our cops pack heat and shoot at random black people. They don't wear Prada, listen to the Opera and drive shitty ass scooters or drink coffee in small ass cups.

Europe has laughed at us for years upon years. I know of faggot ass Dutch people who laughed during 9/11, Russias/English who discredited the Winter Olympics because they couldn't compete and the English boo'd the American National Anthem during the Ricky Hatton/ Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight. Now they're all stranded with their cocks in their hand moaning and bitching because they can't leave. I'm sure Europe is a nice place, to visit when your going to die. What the fuck am I going to do in that shitty English weather? When I want pussy in Central Europe should I flag down a gypsie? When I want to sleep in Northern Europe am I expected to lay my head in some big ass castle? C'mon Europe you don't have shit but football (soccer) and the occasional hot bird who don't even fuck with men. Rather vacation in Darfur.

Recapping the Night: We got lucky with the Suns/Trailblazers game but oh well, we've had enough bad luck let's keep it rolling.


$200 Chennai Superkings -162=Return of $323.08 (W)
$100 Delhi Daredevils -138 (L)
$300 Real Madrid -275= Return of $409.09 (W)
$200 Colorado Rapids -138= Return of $345.45(W)
$200 Dallas -4.5 -110= Return of $381.82(W)
$300 Phoenix/Portland over 204.5 -110= Return of $572.72 (W)
$100 Orlando -10 (L)
$100 Lakers -7.5= Return of $190.91 (W)
$50 Phoenix -8 (L)
$50 Lakers/OKC over 196.5 (L)

Total Wagered: $1600
Total Returned: $2223.08

Total Profit: $623.08
Total Earned to Date: $3152.51

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

OLGB Sports and are you Watching????

The blog in its entirety returns tomorrow but today we'll just look at this gem. Picks will be posted soon:


$100 Mumbai Indians -110= Return of $190.91 (W)
$200 Kolkata Knight Riders -110= Return of $381.81 (W)
$100 Cavs/Bulls Under 193 -110= Return of $190.91 (W)
$200 Hawks -8.5 -110 = Return of $381.81 (W)
$300 Denver/Utah Over 207.5 -110 Return of $571.73 (W)
$100 Celtics -4 -110= Return of $190.91 (W)
$300 Villareal -135= Return of $522.22 (W)
$50 Phillies -110 (L)
$50 LA Angels -110= Return of $95.45 (W)
$300 Yankees -180 = Return of $466.67 (W)
$100 Detroit Tigers -134 (L)

Total Wagered: $1800
Total returned: $2993.42
Total Profit $1193.42
Total Earned to Date: $2529.43

Saturday, April 17, 2010

No Blog Today Just picks, Blog Returns Monday Morning.

Going to hit the board hard today

Total Earned to Date: $1668.01
$200 Deccan Chargers -150 (W)= Return of $333
$100 Cincy Reds +100 (L)
$50 Rockies +125 (L)
$50 Mets/Cardinals over 8 -110 (L)
$100 Giants +133 (L)
$100 LA Angels -105 (W)= Return of $195
$50 Devil Rays +166 (P)= Return of $50
$100 Chicago Nashville over 5 +125 (P)= Return of $50
$100 Pittsburgh -1.5 +125 (L)
$100 New Jersey/Philly Under 5 -115 (L)
$50 Phoenix +115 (L)
$50 Colorado +225 (L)
$50 Colorado/SJ over 5.5 +120 (W)= Return of $110

Total Wagered: $1100
Total Returned: $738
Total Loss: $362
Total Earned to Date: $1336.01

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fuck My Life, Literally.

If you can't tell by now I'm a fairly bitter person. Gambling has made me this way. I could win $1000 or lose $1000, it wouldn't even in the slighest make a difference, I've become immune to this shit. I find negative aspects in everything and just exploit the hell out of it and make a little money in the process. However, there is one thing in my life that I love to do and find no fault, no pain, and no suffering in doing: masturbating. Ever since I was 13, I've been beating my meat at the very least 4x a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less but in the past 8 years I've probably only missed a day or two. It's a release mechanism I absolutely love (maybe even better than real sex If I'm being honest) However, it's all about to come to an end.

The word "addiction" is being used far too frequently in today's world but because of the actions of Tiger Woods, I now have to pay. One of my hoes is convinced I have a sex addiction and wants to me slow it down. If I don't masturbate for the next 2 weeks, she'll not only fuck me but send me some loot in the process. It isn't about the reward but it's about finding the strength to last. Without thinking twice, I agreed to it. At first we agreed on 1 week but then she started saying how I'd crack tomorrow and I told her "bitch I could go 2 weeks." and thus we arrived at this stage. Now I thought that compulsive wanking was bad for one's health and reproductive system but upon further review there is nothing wrong but being addicted to playing with yourself.

That's right, for the next 2 week I can't wank and then I find out there's nothing wrong with compulsive wanking. What the fuck? Withdrawal symptoms include high levels of anxiety, headaches and just being irritable. Great I can't wait to get healed for something that isn't a fucking problem. So for the next 2 weeks there will be no skype, sex, no cam4, and no Daisy Marie. Instead I'm going to focus more on school, ya right! Now I figure that some of you degenerates that read my blog are so wrapped up in other various addictions (gambling, alcohol, ) that most of you probably haven't seen pussy or touched yourself in months. Any words of advice?

Programming Note: I got a big exam in the future I've been neglecting. There won't be any blog until tomorrow. I know I know I find this shit theraputic but I really need to get shit done. Picks will still be posted.

Recapping the Night: Nasty night, could have been significantly worse though. Far too ambitious, got to go back to what was working:


$200 Chennai Super Kings -110 (L)
$200 Delhi +125 (in game)= Possible return of $450 (W)
$50 Cincy Reds +135 (L)
$50 LA Dodgers -110- Possible return of $95.45 (W)
$100 Red SoxTwins over 9 -110 (L)
$200 Chicago White Sox +114 (L)
$50 Yankees/Angels over 10 +105 (L)
$50 Orioles/Athletics over 8 -110= (P)= Return of $50
$50 Boston Bruins +150 (L)
$50 Washington -1.5 +100 (L)
$50 LA Kings +170 (L
$50 La Kings/Canucks under 5.5 +120= Possible return of $110 (W)
$100 Bruins/Sabres under 5 -120= Possible return of $180(W)
$200 Philadelphia Union +300= Possible return of $800 (L)

Total Wagered: $1400
Total Returned: $885.45
Total Loss: 514.45
Total Earned to Date: $1668.01
May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trying To Bust a Nut Is Becoming Increasingly Harder

With people like Tiger Woods and Jesse James getting caught in the act and guys like Ben Roethlisberger being accused of beating up some drunk 20-year old, it's becoming increasingly harder for athletes to do their thing. Why do people give a fuck? Can't we just accept the fact that they are millionares who provide materialistic things to hot broads in return for vagina. Instead people get all righteous. Now Big Ben has to deal with the media and a possible league suspensionall because he was trying to get some pussy. What the fuck was Tiger Woods' wife before she met him? A nanny. He gave her the nice car, designer clothes, and expensive ass jewelery. These hoes need to realize their place and cook and clean and let their rich ass husbands do their thing.

Can't we just accept the fact that people in higher places get easier access to vagina than most of us and in order to obtain that they need to cheat. Doctors cheat on their wives with patients all the time. Politicians cheat on their wives with 20-year old internships. Catholic Priests cheat on God with little boys. It's just a fact of life that we have to accept. Every now and then, these hoes get crazy and will blow your fucking head off. It's a risk you have to take, just call it "Steve McNaired." You're an NBA player, your in a different city 2x a week and you got fuck all to do in a hotel room for the night, of course you're going to try and find some pussy, what else is there to do. Asking for these athletes to not cheat is damn near impossible. These guys never went to class so they can't read. They just know the words "Fuck Me?"

Seriously if I were a professional athlete I'd have the hot wife and kid that I spend 7 months of the year with but for 5 months I'd be banging every hot girl I see. You make millions of dollars and for the better part of the day you don't got shit to do. You call up a hoe, give her some filet mignion and ground and pound that bitch like it's a UFC fight. Instead we got athletes and other celebrities being forced to seek "treatment." to cure the addiction. If you want to stop an athlete from cheating then it's simple, pay those fuckers minimum wage.  Actually that won't work we all saw what Gregg Oden was packing I think they need to be paid Mexican minimum wage. Wives who are married to athletes or other famous folks need to realize that they're only good for taking care of the kids and being on display at public events. They get to live the nice life at no real cost, so shut the hell up and let them do their thing. Athletes cheat, accept it.

Recapping the Night: God I love America's past-time. Thanks for the Rangers/Draw tip Cheebs, I would have never known. Interesting trend, the 4 NHL dogs all paid out.
$100 Bangalore Royal Challengers -125= Possible return of $180 (W)
$100 Toronto Raptors -8= Possible return of $190.91 (W)
$100 Indiana Pacers -2 (L)
$100 Rangers -110 (L)
$100 Bordeaux -150= Possible return of $166.67 (L)
$100 Marseille -150= Possible return of $166.67= Possible return of $190.91 (W)
$100 Rangers/Dundee draw half time in game +170= $270(W)
$50 Brewers +130 (L)
$50 Phillies/Washington over 10 -105= Possible return of $97.62 (W)
$50 LA/Diamondbacks over 8 -110=Possible return of $95.45 (W)
$100 Yankees/Angels over 10 -105 (L)
$50 Red Sox/Twins over 8.5 -120= Possible return of $91.67 (W)
$100 Jays/White Sox over 8.5 -110= Possible return of $190.91 (W)
$100 White Sox -110= Possible return of $190.91 (W)
$100 Texas Rangers -110= Possible return of $190.91(W)
$100 Phoenix -105= Possible return of $195.24 (W)
$50 SJ Sharks -1.5 +130 (L)
$100 Devils/Flyers over 5 -140 (L)
$100 Pens -1.5 +155 (L)

Total Wagered: $1650

Total Returned: $1884.53
Total Profit: $234.53
Total Earned to Date: $2182.46

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fuck You Windows.

Okay, there won't be a blog today, but it isn't my fault. I just spent about 45 minutes writing and editing what was supposed to be today's entry then some Windows Update thing popped up and shut down my computer. I have a theory that it's google fucking with me after I fucked with them. Anyways as a dedicated writer the responsible thing to do would be to re-write my entry and have it up in the morning. Only one problem, I'm black...responsibility doesn't exist in my vocabulary. Sorry folks but I'm more beat than a Mexican housewife. Blog returns on Thursday.  Don't blame me, blame Mr. Gates.

Recapping the Night: I slaughtered it...


$100 Mumbai Indians +100 = Possible Return of $200 (W)
$200 Chennai Super Kings -138= Possible return of $345.45 (W)
$50 Dodgers/D'Backs over 8 +100= Possible return of $100 (W)
$100 Cincy Reds +118= Possible return of $218 (W)
$100 Mets +132 (L)
$50 Tigers/Royals over 9.5 +115 =Possible return of $107.5 (W)
$50 Yankees/Angels over 10 -115= Possible return of $93.48 (W)
$100 Rays -120 = Possible return of $180 (W)
$200 White Sox/Jays over 8 -115 (L)
$50 Mariners/Athletics over 8 +115 (L)
$50 Newcastle +160- Possible return of $130 (W)
$100 Leeds -110 = Possible return of $190.91 (W)
$50 Inter Milan +190= Possible return of $145 (W)
$100 Lakers/Kings over 196= Possible return of $190.91(W)
$100 Denver/Suns over 216= Possible return of $190.91 (W)

Total Wagered: $1400

Total Returned: $2092.16
Total Profit: $692.16

Total Earned to Date: $1947.93

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stop Lying to the Girls

I know the music game for the most part has gone to shit because of little faggots like Justin Bieber running around but we all need to stop it. Lately I've been noticing an increasing trend in songs promoting inner beauty. Could we quit lying to them already. Nobody trully believes that piece of shit looking Hippo in the movie "Precious" is beautiful. Hoes, James Blunt was lying when he said you're beautiful. This inner-beauty nonsense is all a big lie because it doesn't exist. If inner beauty made any difference then Oprah and Tracy Chapman would be getting plowed every night. Life's a bitch and the sooner the young ones realize that the more successful they'll be.

L'Oreal says "buy my product because you're worth it." The truth is, if you're fat, downright ugly, or have no physical appeal the your not worth it. There's always hotter looking girls ready to take your spot. It's irresponsible that people like Tyra Banks influence the younger ones into thinking that they shouldn't watch what they eat and they don't have to do anything they don't want to. If I lived a life where I only did things I wanted then I'd subsititute ever meal for alcohol, wouldn't pay taxes and steal shit any chance I get. In life you have to do things you don't want to in order to get ahead and for females that's sucking the right dick, fucking the right people and looking fine as hell. People like James Blunt talk about inner-beauty, then when they finish recording the song they find the sexiest hooker they can and do lines off her tits. There's no inner-beauty in that, it's all a bloody lie. If we keep up this positive attitude about not selling sex, in 10 years every bitch out there is going to be fat, disgusting and not giving a fuck about their appearence because they're sexy on the inside.

Ladies, bulimia doesn't hurt anyone. In fact, by not becoming bullemic the chances are you'll be fat and disgusting and live lonely miserable lives wishing you were fit and sexy. Forget inner-beauty, what's on the outside is the only thing that counts. Start wearing the skirts a little higher and hang the tits out a bit more and you'll see how far you get ahead. After a big meal, march proudly into the bathroom and stick the toothbrush handle in the back of your throat and remember that you're doing it because you love yourself and want to get ahead of everybody else. Skip meals when your stomach feels full and it's okay to fuck your boss to get that promotion, it means that your beautiful and he sees that. Think of it like this, if you didn't love yourself, then you wouldn't go through the hassle of all the work it takes to get a step ahead in life, so next time you think about eating that burger, you're not loving yourself and you don't care where you end up.

Recapping the Night: Pulled the Trigger too damn quick in cricket. Hedged it when I didn't need too. I'll make up for it:


$150 Swindon -225= Possible return of $166.67 (L)
$100 Estudiantes LP =120= Possible return of $183.33 (W)
$100 Rubin Kaza -200= Possible return of $150 (L)
$50 Vitoria Setubal +140= Possible return of $120 (L)
$100 Boca Juniors +105= Possible return of $205 (W)
$50 Milwaukee +135 (L)
$100 Chicago White Sox -120= Possible return of $180 (W)
$100 Rays/Orioles over 8.5 -120 (L)
$50 Mariners -116 (L)
$100 Red Sox/Twins Over 9 -110 (L)
$100 Texas Rangers -110 = Possible return of $190.91 (W)
$50 Braves/Padres over 7.5 +115 = Possible return of $107.50 (W)
$50 Cincy Reds +140= Possible return of $120 (W)
$100 Raps/Pistons under 202 -110 (L)
$100 Hawks -1 -110 = Possible return of $190.91 (W)

Total Wagered : $1300
Total Returned: $1177.65
Total Loss:  $122.65
Total Earned to Date: $1255.77

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Disappointed, Yet Again

Adsense officially kicked me out of their program so I'm going to fucking swear everytime I want now. Living in Toronto we get raped in many different ways (up the ear, ass, and mouth) but one thing that always gets to me is beer prices. All this shit is regulated by money hungry cunts and we're forced to pay ridiculous prices. So I'm watching tv and I catch an ad for Boxer Lager. The ad grabs your attention because they're talking about how the beer is sold for the lowest legal price and they can't keep up with the demand because everyone is buying Boxer Lager. I thought fuck, another Lakeport. Then I thought, no, it can't be as bad as Old Milwaukee or Lakeport surely people have learned that drinking piss-water at just over a buck a beer isn't going to be profitable in the long run. So I'm at the beer store and I decide why the fuck not, it's cheap and hopefully good, let me try Boxer Lager.

What the fuck did I get into? That motherfucker gave me a nasty ass headache. I wouldn't drink that shit if it were free and it came with a blow job from Leah Remini. How the fuck could anyone drink this shit. So now I'm pissed off cause I just wasted some money on this nasty shit and I decide to research it. Turns out, this nasty piss is made by Manjit and Ravinder Minhas from Alberta. Now I know I got a huge following in Alberta, please tell me you guys aren't drinking this nasty shit. The average hourly rage in Alberta is $23.80, come on man you all could afford better shit than this stuff. My next point, I want to look at the owners, Manjit and Ravinder Minhas. Who the fuck put these Indians in charge? If I want a Somosa, I'll goto an Indian shop, if I want to learn how to play cricket I'll ask an Indian, but beer?

Since when do Indian people know how to make beer? Yet the governnment is letting these sick fucks sell this shit. There's like 1 billion people in India ain't no one drinking beer over there. It's hard enough to get water you think those people could afford beer? They make shitty Bollywood movies and they got some hot Portugese looking chicks in India but come on Canada why are you allowing these people to make beer. Manjit and Ravinder should be trying to get me to agree to extra warranty for my Dell or selling me Fabric at the Flea Market, they should not be making beer. What next? Stevie Wonder selling contact lens'?

Recapping the Night:

$100 Chicago Bulls -2 - Possible return of $190.91 (W)
$100 Raptors/Bulls under 202 = Possible return of $190.91 (W)
$100 OKC Thunder -7.5 (L)
$100 LA Lakers -4 (L)
$100 Phillies/Houston over 7.5 +100 (L)
$100 Blue Jays +106 = Possible return of $206 (W)
$100 Yankees -110= Possible return of $190.91 (W)
$100 Yankees/Rays over 9= Possible return of $190.91(W)
$100 Twins +115 (L)
$50 Bo Sox/Royals over 9= Possible return of $95.45 (W)
$100 Athletic Bilbao -150= Possible return of $166.67 (W)
$100 Lyon -105= Possible return of $195 (L)

Total Wagered: $1150
Total Returned: $1231.76
Total Profit: $81.75
Total Earned to Date: $1378.32

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.