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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Get Out and Vote!

I've never voted before. What's the point when you hate the government, the candidates, and everything they represent. It isn't like anything is going to change. They'll break the bullshit ass promises they made, will always favour businesses and in general they don't make the place any better. However, I've realized that all this could change soon. We're about to have an election here in Toronto for mayor. Our last mayor was some fucked up dude from English dude named David Miller who basically did everything people stronger than him, told him to do. We went on a garbage strike for like 8 weeks and in the end he gave them everything they wanted and even paid them overtime for the clean-up. That's how much of a limey faggot he was.

But things could soon change, the new guy who has a good chance of winning is just fucking amazing. He's everything you could want in a mayor, he's too fucked up to lie. He pushed so that city councillors are forced to pay taxes like everyone else. He tells homeless people: "Do you have a job, sir? I'll give you a newspaper to find a job, like everyone else has to do between 9 and 5. "I'm working. Why don't you get a job?" He's gotten drunk at the ACC and gotten tossed. When the city wanted to spend 1.5 million in AIDS prevention he had this to say: "(AIDS) is very preventable," and that "if you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn't get AIDS probably, that's bottom line. He once said this about the Asians: "Those Oriental people work like dogs. They work their hearts out ... that's why they're successful in life. ... I'm telling you, Oriental people, they're slowly taking over, because there's no excuses for them. They're hard, hard workers."

What a fucking politician. The guy says whatever he feels and doesn't worry about the consequences. In a world where we are controlled by corperations, branding, money, and power, it's amazing that people like him are still out here in the world trying to make things right. They don't care about being pollitically correct they only care about getting shit done. The city badly needs to stop spending and they need to treat everyone equally and I think he's the man for the job. So fuck it, I'm going to vote and you should exercise your right to vote as well (only if you're voting for Rob Ford). If he wins a lot of our lives would be easier, we could smoke our spliffs and laugh at fags without having to deal with the drama because our mayor does the same thing. If you like gays, Aids, and like getting raped up your ass by politicians, then vote for the opposition.

Recapping the Night:

$150 Japan to Qualify +150 (L)
$300 Spain +100= Return of $600 (W)
$100 Spain/Portugal over 2.5 goals +135 (L)
$200 Angels -120= Return of $366.67 (W)
$200 White Sox -130= Return of $353.85 (W)
$200 Twins -138= Return of $345.45 (W)
$200 Red Sox -110= Return of $381.82 (W)
$200 As -115= Return of $373.91 (W)  * Braden didn't start so depending on how you had it listed, it may be a push.
$100 Chicago Cubs -1.5 +100= Return of $200 (W)
$100 Marlins +111= Return of $211 (W)
$100 Phillies +113= Return of $213 (W)
$100 Braves -1.5 -110 (L)
Play of the Day:
$400 Blue Jays -125 (L)

Total Wagered: $2350
Total Returned: $3045.70
Total Profit: $695.70
Total Earned to Date: $4789.75

Contact Info:

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Anyone see this gay shit yet?

If you haven't seen the video above, you need to check it out. Yesterday I wanted some "me, myself, and I time" and I wanted to pop one of to Shakira's videos. Instead I found that gem. There was no way in hell I was going to jerk it to that fucking video. Once again we see the world's failed attempt at sticking unity and peace down our throats. Shakira used to be hot, however I've come to the conclusion that she's a tranny that we all fell for. The annoying ass voice gave it away. In-fact, she might just be the tranny that comes on here bitching about my picks. Back to the video, why does the world insist on feeding us this dumb ass shit.

For starters, the only relevant people in this world are those that come from developed countries (ie: have clean water, don't have aids, women are allowed to flash their tits in public without getting beaten and/or killed) The video is in some weird ass language, either Spanish or African. No one gives a fuck about either of those two people, yet the world wants us to care. That's the first problem but it doesn't end there. The video tries to portray soccer as a beautiful game played by people who love each other and if given the chance they'd toss each other's salads. I love soccer don't get me wrong but where's the cocaine and hooliganism and diving and ref fucking up a the play. If you wanted to show a realistic version of the game that's exactly what you would have shown. Instead you give us Africans dancing around in weird ass tribal dances and they probably won't live to see their 24th birthday.

That's another thing, if you want to sell us this unity bullshit and give people the false feeling that we're all brothers and sisters, why are their Africans in this video. I know the World Cup is being held in Africa and all but if you left out that point it's not like anyone would have noticed. These people have aids and do fuck all but blow those annoying ass horns all day, they don't in any way, shape, and form help validate your point. Check out the 2:20 mark where that girl is speaking her giberish. The guy behind her looks like a pedo and I'm supposed to believe that he's my brother and I need to help him out. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit, we all rather watch Maradona doing lines off some African whore while another blows him.

Recapping the Night:

$400 Holland -225= Return of $577.78 (W)
Play of the Day:
$800 Brazil -188= Return of $1226.67 (W)
$100 Mets -105 (L)
$100 Phillies +125 (L)
$200 Rockies -150= Return of $333.20 (W)
$100 Dodgers +100= Return of $200 (W)
$200 Blue Jays -1.5 -105 (L)
$100 Tigers/Twins over 8 +100= Return of $200 (W)
$100 Nationals/Braves over 6.5 -105 (L)

Total Wagered: $2100
Total Returned: $2537.65
Total Profit: $437.65
Total Earned to Date: $4094.05

Contact Info:

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Fuck Toronto, Fuck the Police, Fuck the Gov't

G20 is finished so I could finally say my what I want without having people knocking on my door wanting to beat my ass. Here's what I think of the weekend: hahaahahahaahahahahaha. These motherfucking cock-sucking thieving scum spent 1 billion+ on this retarded shit. Think of all the things you could do with one billion dollars. Help get the homeless people off the street, clean up the lower-income neighbourhoods, create a better education system, the possibilities are endless. However I live in a secluded little world in which we spend 1 billion to keep a half Black dude half muslim dude happy. This shit didn't even last 2 fucking days and we're talking outrageous amounts of money.

So you spend 1 billion dollars on cops, fake lakes, and other unnecessary bullshit and the end result? A bunch of fucking kids dressed in all black go smashing up the place and lighting the city on fire. What do the pigs do? They stand and watch. Riot gear, guns, cannons you name it, and these motherfucking pussies stood and watched as these kids probably without any cause, without any rational thoughts, blew the city the fuck apart. Serves you mothering faggots right, well done to the people who used that Black Bloc shit this weekend. In one fucking weekend, I've seen this entire place in some weird transition like it's North Korea. Gates everywhere, pigs everywhere and worst of all, fake bullshit ass rights were given to the cops basically allowing them to arrest anyone. The end result? A city mauled by a bunch of fucking kids who just ran up in here and tore it the fuck apart.

That was Saturday, so of course Sunday, the cops were out in full force, not wanting to look like the bitch ass pussies they were made out to be the day before. The retaliation? They arrested CTV camera men, CTV producers, and disrupted peaceful protests. While the city's fucked up media, a bunch of apologists who are often kicked to the curb, tossed their salad. I fucking love it! Any cop or government official who goes home tonight thinking this situation was handled in the best manner possible and this was a success is fucking delusional. 7000 cops, 2000 protestors and the fucking cops lost. Not to mention they had all sorts of equipment and weapons and they still fucking lost. Don't get me wrong I love cops. The world needs people to direct traffic when the lights go down or to wait with commuters whose car shut down. I can't repeat enough how happy I am, you spend 1 billion dollars on this shit and a bunch of kids make you their bitches for the weekend. Well done.

Recapping the Night:

$400 Argentina -188= Return of $613.33 (W)
$100 Germany +188= Return of $288 (W)
Play of the Day:
$600 Germany to Qualify +100= Return of $1200 (W)
$100 Marlins -110 (L)
$200 Phillies -105= Return of $390.48 (W)
$100 Tigers +100= Return of $200 (W)
$100 Nationals +105 (L)
$100 Mariners +105 (L)
$200 Yankees -105= Return of $390.48 (W)

Total Wagered: $1900
Total Returned: $3082.29
Total Profit: $1182.29
Total Earned to Date: $3656.40

Contact info:

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Go Black Bloc!

If you want a smile, or want to enjoy your gay side, click the link above. Blog returns tomorrow.

Recapping the Night:
Picks for Saturday

$500 Uruguay to qualify -250 = Return of $700 (W)
$200 Yankees +102 (L)
$100 Angels -125= Retun of $180 (W)
$100 Cubs +115 (L)
$100 Nationals -115 (L)
$100 Mariners +126= Return of $226 (W)
$100 Braves -120= Return of $183.82 (W)
$200 Cards -120= Return of $366.67 (W)
$100 Twins +120= Return of $220 (W)
$100 Padres +180= Return of $280 (W)
$200 Phillies -130 (L)
Play of the Day:
$1000 USA to Qualify -120 (L)

Total Wagered: $2800
Total Returned: $2156.49
Total Loss: $643.51
Total Earned to Date: $2474.11

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Harder to bust a nut these days

Today was a weird day. I got buzzed off the booze at like 2pm and rode that buzz all the way til like 9pm. It's the reason I didn't post anymore picks, was virtually incoherent for most of the day. Then came a long time of me staring at the walls (which I thought were closing in) and then and there I decided I wanted some pussy. I didn't want to have to pay for shit, I just wanted some cock-starving whore. That's what I felt like and that's what I was going to get, or thought I'd get. Where's the best place to find pussy without paying? Almost impossible but there was one option I figure I'd try, Craigslist Personals.

Alright hoes, I just wanted pussy and a blow-job, are people really this fucked up? Each posted had a list of "criteria" that they expected from the person they wanted. I just wanted to fucking blow my load, I'm not going to fucking marry the bitch. These hoes rolled out a list of shit they were looking for in Mr. Right, I was just trying to be Mr. Right now. Must be tall, educated, willing to travel, and funny. What the fuck this isn't a job interview what the fuck are people expecting from Craigslist? I was getting real pissed off then I realized I'm in the love section, I'm looking for casual encounters. Fuck I might as well have rolled out the Halle Berry in Monster's Ball and started jerking myself off because this shit was just going to be hell.

All these hoes were disgusting.  I haven't used the casual encounters section ever because when I want to fuck this bad back in the day I'd just search the erotic services section at weird hours and pay for it at a discounted price. However these hoes are worse than I thought. I was expecting girls who are fucked up emotionally and who might be crazy but I wasn't expecting fat asses in thongs saying they love to be eaten out. Shamu the whale is talking about how she plans on "hooking up" with someone from time to time as long as they take care of her needs. Have these bitches looked in the mirror, they're nasty. You can't fucking pick and choose when you look like Kirstie Alley, you have to take the nearest cock available and consider yourself lucky. Not one skinny one in the bunch, Halle made my night, 5x tonight.

Recapping the Night:
$300 Ivory Coast -250= Return of $420 (W)
$200 Brazil +125= (L)
Play of the Day:
$600 Spain -200= Return of $900
Total Wagered: $1100
Total Returned: $1320
Total Profit: $220
Total Earned to Date: $3117.62
Contact info:
May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Friday, June 25, 2010

This Year Exactly One Year Ago, I lost Part of my Heart

Exactly one year ago, I lost a piece of my heart, soul, and a part of my life was gone. This day last year, the legend known as MJ passed away. This blog is going to take a serious tone, he's a man of many mysteries but one thing is certain, he was a talented man. He's influenced my life in so many ways and I'm sure he's influenced all of you. The world took a great loss last year at this time and it's only right that I dedicate this blog to Michael Jackson for his contribution not only to pop music but to my life and I'm sure many of yours. He was a legend, a gift, an icon. He was more than just a man, he built a legacy, an empire, his music was flawless and his dance moves could never be imitated. For all that he's done, he'll always have a special place in my heart.

Alright enough with the gay shit, this motherfucking pedo died a year ago and people are still talking about it. He was a fucking pedophile for fuck sakes why is he glorified. His dad beat his ass and forced him to perform as a kid so as a result of getting back at his dad he decided to have 83828 facial procedures and decided to become a pedophile. Fuck Michael Jackson and if you love this faggot then you need to just come out of the closet. At least Gary Coleman put smiles on our faces. You know when you're taking a piss and for one reason or another you begin to shake uncontrollably, that's how I feel when I think about Michael Jackson. He was sick, twisted, gay, nasty, confusing, and mentally fucked up but all that gets masked because he knew how to sing.

He didn't even have a nose! I can't understand why someone so fucked up gets so much love. He didn't represent peace and happiness like people claim he did. He represented sickness and torture. Michael Jackson is everything I'd never want to be. If I turned out like him I'd say fuck the albums and fuck the fame. Michael Jackson you died about 25 years too late. None of us miss you, everyone just cared about you because they had a fucked up childhood and turned to your child-loving ass for happiness. In return you gave them a glorified circus act and for one reason or another, this means you'll be immortal and always live on. Well guess what, I want to be immortal as well, I'm going to chop off my nose and have little boys sleep in my bed as well. Happy It's time we stop buying into pedos and start mourning the death of people who graced this world with all they had, like Anna Nicole Smith.

Recapping the Night: Blah. whatever I'll bounce back:

$300 Paraguay -225 (L)
$300 Holland -120= Return of $550 (W)
$100 Denmark +120 (L)
$800 Slovakia or Draw HT -225= Return of $1155.56 (W)
$100 Braves +100 (L)
$200 Cubs +142= Return of $484 (W)
$100 Marlins -110 (L)
$300 Cards -120 (L)
$100 Mets -125 (L)
$200 Giants -165 (L)
Play of the Day:
$600 Italy -188 (L)

Total Wagered: $3100
Total Returned: $2189.54
Total Loss: $910.44
Total Earned to Date: 2897.62
Contact Info:
May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fuck You, Fuck Everybody

Today I think proves that money ain't mean shit to me cause I came back with a nice chunk of change and I'm pissed off. Just one of those days where everything you thought would have went right, went wrong. Some serious hate today:

-Fuck everybody reading this right now. I say that because I know tomorrow, you'll still be visiting this blog and reading my shit.
- Fuck that annoying ass Timbaland Katy Perry song on the fucking radio.
- Fuck people who fail to realize I'm smarter than them.
- Fuck the bitch ass slut who just ran her mouth off but she opens up her legs to anyone who wants it, handicapped and all.
- Fuck me for not making enough money and saying fuck the world like I wish I could.
- Fuck the world cup, it's fucking garbage. Even when the games are fucking good.
- Fuck people who post dumb ass inspirational shit on twitter.
- Fuck hip hop music for becoming a bunch of shit
- Fuck education for telling me that drinking excessively and doing drugs is terrible.
- Fuck people who are more successful than me. I wish I were them.
- Fuck people who have more faith in God than I do. I wish I were them.
- Fuck the airline industry for raping me when I want to travel somewhere.
- Fuck taxes, I never agreed to that shit.
- Fuck the Earthquake that fucked up the dishes and made me fucking believe the world was ending.
- Fuck animals, what that shit ever do for me.
- Fuck money for causing so many problems in everyones lives, including my own.
- Fuck the dumbass who told me there would be light at the end of the tunnel.
- Fuck the telecommunications companies who are a fucking monopoly.
- Fuck people who don't read my blog, they don't know what they're missing.
- Fuck the curry duck and roti I had the other day that was fucking with my stomach.
- Fuck the term "BBW" just found out what it means. Big people aren't fucking beautiful.
- Fuck society for forcing me to work to earn money
- Fuck Drake for that dumb ass Sprite commercial that never comes off the fucking tv.
- Fuck life for being filled with disappointments.
- Fuck me, for second guessing myself and thinking I was wrong. Ya right.
- Fuck people who compensate for their insecurities by being so fucking materialistic.
- Fuck DJ AM for tellling kids not to do drugs then dying because his junkie ass O.D.
- Fuck Tim Hortons for causing traffic every morning because the drive thru line spills onto the street.
- Fuck crackheads/alcoholics who are just a waste of space and money on this earth.
- Fuck shopping carts for requiring a 25cent deposit. Sometimes I don't got the quarter.
- Fuck reality tv cause most of that shit sucks
- Fuck OLG for not giving me the $50 million jackpot.
- Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck, tomorrow will be a better day, who am I kidding, it won't.

Recapping the Night:

$300 Usa +100= Return of $600 (W)
$600 Germany -200= Return of $900 (W)
$100 Serbia -110 (L)
$200 Giants -120 (L)
$100 Reds -105= Return of $195.24 (W)
$300 Cards -110= Return of $572.73 (W)
$200 Marlins -125= Return of $360 (W)
$200 Twins -140 (L)
Play of the Day:
$600 England -200= Return of $900 (W)

Total Wagered: $2600
Total Returned: $3527.97
Total Profit: $927.97
Total Earned to Date: $3848.06
Contact Info:

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

It's Time To Bring Them Home

Life always throws you these knuckle-balls and you never know who you're going to meet. Lately I been talking to this dude who served, I mean worked in Afghanistan. A military guy who wants to win the non-existent war. Deep down, he's admitted that he doesn't want to fight in any war, just kill hippie Arab dudes who like buttsex. While I don't condone such fucked up behaviour, I do see his point. However there is something intriguing about this lunatic, he's calm, collective but embedded in those layers of skin I anticipate this dude is pretty fucked up. Thank you Canadian Military. The dude could have been a lawyer or a doctor but thanks to your own greed-influenced interests, he's now one fucked up guy and pretty mild compared to some of his friends.

He's admitted to having a finger up his ass (once he claims) and he says that sometimes guys pee on his legs. He's told me numerous times that I'm allowed to fuck his fiancee but if she gets pregnant and the kid is black then I'll be forced to take care of it. He said in Afghanistan, everyone has crazy buttsex and vendors sell pictures on the street of people having crazy buttsex. He claims that his friends like to have their prostates played with during sex. He often wonders what it would be like to kill a man if there was never any consequences and he spends most of his time drunk asking people if he could fuck them in the ear. All this shit and this motherfucker is mild compared to the rest of his crazy buddies. This is what people do in the military. They go over to weird ass regions of the world and they see some crazy shit and they come home all fucked up and twisted.

PM Harper I know you fucked up with the whole G20 bullshit but you could change this by getting the troops back home. These dudes aren't fighting a war, they're monitoring and controlling crazy Arab people who don't want to be controlled. These guys are just going to make the world more fucked up, give them 9-5 jobs like everyone else and spare anyone from willingly having their prostate played with. I can't stress enough that this crazy motherfucker is considered normal by military standards. I asked if his mom was fit once and he told me he'd shove a sledgehammer handle up my ass while he cuts off my dick, feeds me it and will masturbate at the scene with a stick of butter until the cops show up. PM Harper please, oh please do the right thing and stop fucking up these people. I don't want to have to deal with these freaks, just send them home I promise I'll vote for you. (Because I'm scared this guy will beat my ass, the following blog entry was entirely fiction and has nothing to do with anyone in the military or anyone in general. I made all this up)

Recapping the Night: I won't be around much tomorrow but I have the big guns removing the minnows.

$100 Mexico +275 (L)
$100 over 2.5 goals Mexico/Uruguay +210 (L)
$100 no draw, Mexico/Uruguay -110= Return of $190.91 (W)

$200 France +130 (L)
$100 Over 10 corners Nigeria/Greece +120 (L)
$200 Cards +100= Return of $400 (W)
$200 Giants -138= Return of $344.93 (W)
$100 Nationals -105= Return of $195.24 (W)
$200 Marlins-125= Return of $360 (W)
$200 Yankees -135= Return of $348.15 (W)
$100 Reds +120= Return of $220 (W)
$100 Phillies -1.5 +100 (L)
Play of The Day:
$600 Argentina -162= Return of $969.42 (W)

Total Wagered: $2300
Total Returned: $3028.65
Total Profit: $728.65
Total Earned to Date: $2918.09

Contact Info:

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finally, we're Getting Real Sports

If you've never been to Toronto then here's some advice. Forget it and head 500 miles south to New York City. It's worth the additional cost and you're almost always guarenteed to have a blast. If you live in Toronto then you're already well aware of the bullshit we put up with. Garbage strikes, G20 summits, crappy sports teams that charge you a penis and a vagina to get in and of course, overpriced beer. However, today I realized that some of this is going to change because in the heart of downtown, MLSE opened up a fantastic bar with over 112 taps. The name, Real Sports is a bar and grill in the heart of the city that promises to not disappoint and change the sports atmosphere in this city. It's supposed to be a refreshing change from all the crap that we as Torontonians have to put up with.

What a fucking load of bullshit. The name alone makes me want to kick someone in the uterus. The fucking people who own Real Sports are the same people who give this city the piss ass teams. This city has yet to see any real good sporting teams since 1993 yet this is all supposed to change cause these cock sucking donkey humping motherfucking pieces of used toilet paper have decided to rape us some more by opening this bar and showing all different sporting events. So when I have nothing to do and want my fix of real sports, I could head downtown pay $11.99 for a pint of domestic and watch the bullshit crap that this city has been putting up with for the longest while. Of course the city is filled with dumbasses so it'll be packed every night. I rather join the KKK and burn crosses and hang nooses from trees than support this thieving ass company and the motherfucking bullshit they spew. The same people who are backed by the Ontario's Teacher's Pension plan, an organization with $63 billion in assets refused to pay my ass when I worked for this large group of scum.

I worked overtime and these dick sucking for bus tokens faggots refused to pay my $12.75/hr wage back in the day. Why the fuck are people from Toronto so stupid? They'll go to this bar, bend over and get fucked up the ass because of prices, pay the $30 bucks a pitcher price, have some garbage overpriced food then they'll bitch about how MLSE (group who owns the Leafs/Raptors/TFC and now Real Sports) ruined sports in Toronto. Just 90 minutes south people are paying like $12 for 30 bottles of Coors Light but here we pay $26 and everyone takes the big black cock up their ass with a smile. I could get a ticket to Yankee stadium against the Mariners for $9 but if I want to see the shitty Jays at the Dome I'll end up paying $17 for the lowest ticket possible. It's all bullshit and people just accept it without putting up a fight. Oh well, I'd protest for the G20 but I have much better things to do, like stick my cock in an automatic pencil sharpener.

Recapping the night: Won it all and gave it all back. If the Yanks make a late comback I'll change the figures.

$100 Chile +130= Return of $230 (W) 
$200 Spain -2.5 +110 (L)
$100 Spain/Honduras over 11 corners +120= Return of $220 (W) 
$300 Spain/Honduras over 2.5 goals -188 (L)
79th minute in game no 3rd goal $500 +100= Return of $1000 (W) 
$300 Yankees -160 (L) 
Play of the Day:
$600 Portugal -250= Return of $840 (W)

Total Wagered: $2100 
Total Returned: $2290
Total Profit: $190
Total Earned to Date: $2189.44

Contact info:

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sympathizing With Evil

I'm done with the World Cup shit as a matter of fact, fuck the world cup, fuck the countries in it, fuck the referees, fuck the players, fuck the over-hyped piece of shit and fuck those dumb ass horns. Today I'm on some real shit. I'm not sure about you but when I was 17 years old I was always looking for weed, having plenty of sex and was going to class in an effort to get laid more frequently. Pretty much the life of any normal 17 year old dude. The guy on your right, Joran Van Der Sloot lived a slightly different life. He found a hot American chick and decided to kill her and bury her. 4 years later, it appears he did the exact same thing with a Peruvian girl except this time she was raped, beaten and then killed. I'll also add that he was in Peru for a poker tournament because the FBI pays him for who knows what. But in a nutshell that is the story, a kid who likes to go around beating raping and killing people and then getting away with it.

Now let me ask you this, is that fucking normal? Is it normal for a dude his age to act like that? Sure I could understand maybe his dad didn't show him enough love and he likes to bitch slap females but raping, beating and killing women is not normal for anyone let alone a privileged kid his age. I'm not justifying his actions, I could never stomach the shit he's done but instead of the world hoping he gets raped up the ass in a Peruvian cell, why couldn't they wish the kid gets help and people find out the exact cause for his actions so things like these could be prevented. Instead you read the bullshit fucking news and you have ex-cons saying things like: "And I could give advice to his mother, that I would go out and buy a black dress and get ready for the funeral, because it's gonna be all over pretty soon." This shit really pisses me off. You have people foaming at the mouth at the thought of a kid who will spend the rest of his life in a jail cell getting raped and beaten but they don't care about preventing this shit.

The fucking kid needs help, not people beating and raping his ass. If I were the father of Natalie Holloway or the Flores girl of course I'd want him to suffer til his last meal but the fact of the matter is, the kid is not right in the head and needs fucking help. Instead, the media does an excellent job in portraying the dude as a monster who has no heart and who will get what he deserves. Not once have they mentioned, he's not fucking normal and possibly needs help and this would be the best option to prevent future events like this from occurring. That's what is wrong with the world, everyone wants to see justice being served but no one wants to see change for the better. People are content with the death penality and firing squads, they don't want to see the cause and effect or prevention of these crimes. Fuck it I hope this kid gets off again. If that makes me a sick person then so be it. I hope he never kills again but he doesn't deserve to be in a 6 ft cell getting raped by a dude named Hector and getting stabbed every other week. He needs a shrink and medication.

Recapping the Night:

$100 Paraguay +110= Return of $210 (W)
$200 Rockies -134 (L)
$100 Giants +130= Return of $230 (W)
$100 Devil Rays +115 (L)
$100 Royals/Braves over 9.5 -125= Return of $180 (W)
$200 White Sox -115= Return of $373.91 (W)
$100 Red Sox/Dodgers over 9.5 -125 (L)
$200 Cards +100 (L)
$100 Angels/Cubs over 9 +105= Return of $205 (W)
$100 Padres -1.5 +140= Return of $240 (W)
$200 Yankees/Mets over 8.5 -105 (L)
Play of the Day:

$600 Brazil -138= Return of $1036.36 (W)

Total Wagered: $2100
Total Returned: $2475.27
Total Profit: $375.27
Total Earned to Date: 1999.44

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May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Recapping night blog returns Monday


$200 Rockies -110= Return of $381.82 (W)
$100 Angels +100= Return of $200 (W)
$200 Giants/Jays over 8.5 -120 (L)
$100 Giants -1.5 -115 (L)
$200 Dodgers/Red Sox under 11 +100= Return of $200 (W)
$100 Tigers -125 (L)
$100 Indians +114 (L)
$100 White Sox/Nationals over 8.5 -110 (L)
$100 KC +132 (L)
$100 Cards -1.5 -105 (L)
Play of The Day:
$1000 Holland -225= Return of $1444.44 (W)
$100 Yager +100 (L)
$300 Hamill -138= Return of $518.18 (W)

Total Wagered: $2700
Total Returned: $2744.44
Total Profit: $44.44
Total Earned to Date: $1624.17

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Too Tired to Blog :(

Just got in. This shit returns Saturday with more World Cup bashing, more hits than the previous week, and more comments from our resident rodent who is more concerned with how much money I win/lose than his stepdad who would often finger him in the ass as a child. It's okay little boy, while I can't relate...I do sympathize: He also sent me a picture to share with you guys:

Total Wagered: $3300
Total Returned: $2092.72
Total Loss: $1207.28
Total Earned to Date: $1579.73

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Mexicans and Asians Have won, The Negros Stay Grounded

We're back to Italy hating tomorrow. I'm not a Celtics fan and I had no money on the game so deep down I shouldn't care. But I do. Kobe went to the line 15 fucking times. The most a Celtic went to the line was 6. The headlines read "stunning rally." That bullshit fucking game was anything but stunning. We seen inconsistant, terrible calls, we saw scrappy basketball and we seen the Mexicans and Asians come out on top. C'mon world you're much better than this. Is it not telling that the league fucking sucks when you've been around for almost 70 years and 2 teams have won 50% of the Championships. After all that now the Mexicans and Asians are rioting around LA, the same people who boo'd the Lakers earlier in the season after a 3 game losing streak.

The NBA pisses me off but what pissed me off even more was watching the Lakers celebrate that victory. You have Kobe Bryant, who is a rapist. You have Ron Artest who decided to promote his album and thank his psychiatrist during the post game interview. You have Pau Gasol who comes from a place where speedos are not only accepted but applauded. You have Adam Morrison who has done fuck all the entire year but his celebrating like he's Kobe fucking Bryant. All this and I see Magic Johnson on the podium who is the only cunt to have aids for 30 years and still live a normal life. At the opposite side I see Rajon Rondo, a gifted point guard with the heart of a warrior. Paul Pierce, a dude from Inglewood who carried his team when he needed to. Jesus Shuttleworth, how could could you hate him? Of course you also have Kevin Garnett, a guy from Mauldin, South Carolina who was once charged for being in a lynch mob. Who spent the majority of his career on a shitty ass team and not only did he never complain, he defended those piss poor players all the time.

However, it's the NBA, where predicted outcomes happen. Kobe's 6-24 night is masked by the fact he went to the line 15 times and brings home #5. Often times they talk about not having a  salary cap in baseball "ruining" the sport because it lacks parity. These 2 teams we saw tonight have been in 50% of all NBA Finals. Now these Asians and Mexicans who are probably illegal and live in suburban LA basements divided in 7 ways are celebrating like they just got fucked by Eva Longoria. Fuck off. The NBA has changed into a bullshit sport where players dictate everything and power hungry refs determine outcomes of not only games but possibly Championship winners. This is why I love Fifa and soccer, there isn't any such thing as match-fixing or questionable refereeing in that sport....

Recapping the night: Keep hating. Wifey was right, positivity works.

$100 Nigeria +100 (L)
$150 France +130 (L)
$100 Greece +150 in game 45th min.= Return of $250 (W)
$200 Dodgers -110 (L)
$100 Tigers -1.5 +100= Return of $200 (W)
$200 Rockies -110= Return of $381.82 (W)
$100 Cubs -110= Return of $190.91 (W)
$200 Mets +100= Return of $400 (W)
$100 Rays +109 (L)
$100 Red Sox -1.5 +135= Return of $235 (W)
Play of the Day:
$600 Argentina -200= Return of $900 (W)

Total Wagered: $1950
Total Returned: $2557.73
Total Profit: $607.73
Total Earned to Date: $2787.01

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May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Think Positive.

Today's going to be a short one cause I'm sleepy and gotta get up at 5:30 to make more money. Anyways, with the exception of tonight I've been really losing money. Dropping harder than Obama's approval rating. I was approached by one of my many wives (the one with small tits though they're is photographic evidence that proves otherwise) and she told me she knows what I could do to stop the streak, think positive. She told me to write a positive blog. In hindsight, I should have taken off my belt and beaten her half Scottish/English ass but she might be onto something. So I spent the day thinking, what should I write that would be genuine and would bring some positivity to this blog. Then I thought of it, I'd like to thank the following people who make my life what it is:

-Thanks to our Prime Minister who will be spending a billion dollars to keep Obama safe and happy.
-Thanks to the world cup for absolutely sucking. I've waited 4 years for you and despite yesterday being different. You've sucked.
-Thanks to my ex girl who is absolutely crazy and often times I think she's going to accuse me of raping her.
-Thanks to the Africans who blow those horns for 90 minutes, every single game, I love you.
-Thanks to MLSE/Rogers who own all the sporting teams here in Toronto and despite losing seasons upon losing seasons, they continue to raise ticket prices.
-Thanks to the Canadian gov't for creating the HST so we could spend money on fake lakes, which are situated next to real lakes.
-Thanks to Spain for costing me $650 today
-Thanks to the people who criticize me everyday but continue to view this blog, you keep me entertained.
-Thanks to my 9th grade science teacher Ms. Buffone for telling me I'd never do shit with my life, you were wrong but thanks anyway.
-Thanks to the people who fight for my rights everyday. By rights I mean collect a pay cheque in the middle east for carrying out missions that involve exploiting the Middle East.
-Thanks to Savanna Sampson, Priya Rai, Daisy Marie, and Sativa Rose, for making my day, everyday, for the past 9 years.
-Thanks to the several dudes who cocked a gun to my head 4 years ago over a $20 Ipod shuffle. You spared me my life.
-Thanks to Justin Bieber, what would I have done without your music.
-Thanks to the one person in this world who made me realize that religion was bullshit and all a lie. It's ironic that you're actions strengthened my faith in God.
-Thanks to Dog who came out and told me his story, it heavily influenced me and my life, I love you (no homo)
-Thanks to Gabriel Morency who has held me down and given me great advice.
-Thanks to my newest friend and her hubby (y'all rock)
-Thanks to MackDaddy (Alberta), you were my first real fan and the first person I never met to show me love (no homo)
-Thanks to my parents for putting up with me, everyday.
-Thanks to the current girl I'm banging, you're fucking crazy but you do rock.
-Thanks to the LCBO for making sure I don't pay discount prices for my beer.
-Thanks to every one of you that check out this blog on a daily basis and support me, I mean it.

Recapping the night: Finally a winner. Let's hope it stays. Was absolutely depressed after that Spain game.

$150 Chile -150= Return of $250 (W)
$500 Spain -350 (L)
$100 Uruguay +150= Return of $250 (W)
In game Spain draw $150 +210 79th minute (L)
$200 Dodgers -120= Return of $366.67 (W)
$200 Blue Jays -110= Return of $381.82 (W)
$200 Phillies/Yankees over 10 -120 (L)
$200 Mets -115= Return of $373.91 (W)
$200 Rays +125 (L)
$200 Astros -115= Return $373.91 (W)
$100 Tigers -1.5 +105= Return of $205 (W)
Play of the Day:
$1000 double chance Uruguay -333= Return of $1333.33 (W)

Total Wagered: $3200
Total Returned: $3534.64
Total Profit: $334.64
Total Earned to Date: $2179.28

Contact info:

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Portugal Won't Win the World Cup

That picture pretty much sums it up. If you're backing Portugal to win the world cup, then you're backing a homo to win the world cup, and all this means you should just come out the closet. Portugal people are some of the nicest people on this planet. They work hard, they love to gossip and the girls are all sexy until they reach 35 when they start to pack it on. There's nothing wrong with Portugal the country, the soccer team now that's another story. Portugal people are loyal hardcore supporters. They are so loyal, as soon as their team gets eliminated from any tourney, they begin to cheer Brazil because they all speak the same language. If Brazil isn't in it then they all cheer Spain. They're more loyal than Tiger Woods.

It's the first of many reasons to hate Portugal. Every Portuguese teacher I ever had from grade school up was just a complete bitch. It's like they look hot from 18-30, then they get married and suddenly join the Americans in living off the McDonalds dollar menu. Some of these bitches on Dufferin and Bloor streets here in Toronto are so fucking fat they take up multiple seats on the bus. It's rush hour and buses are packed, everyone is standing up holding onto the railing, meanwhile there are fat ass Portuguese girls taking multiple seats on the bus because they're too fucking fat to sit on one seat. It's fucking terrible. Despite the fact that there are black Portuguese people, the ones here in Toronto are pretty fucking racist.

They've adopted the Italian style of play, if the wind blows a tad too hard they'll drop on the floor and play dead. With Nani (now injured) and Ronaldo, there are some unlikeable cunts on the team. Let's not forget, Jose Mourinho is also a Portuguese cunt who has such a big ego he's currently in the process of trying to marry himself.  They couldn't score a goal against fucking Ivory Coast who was without their best striker for most of the game. When I think of Ivory Coast I think of people with big ass earings that make their ear lobes hang and pirates running around the country looting from people's huts and stealing goats and shit. And they couldn't score a fucking goal against that African team that decided to stop civil war because Drogba told them so. 30+ years of fighting and they all stopped cause of Drogba, and these people drew Portugal. Fuck off, Italy you're next.

Recapping the night: Blah. I've estimated that I lost $600 in 3mins and 20secs of soccer gameplay today, the last minutes of 2 games. The Lakers game I called dead wrong but fuck a team that went from spitting on themselves and crawling on the floor, who knew they'd come back to LA and bend over. My account took a beating, hopefully things bounce back.

$300 Slovakia -200 (L)
$200 Portugal +125 (L)
$300 Brazil -2 -120 (L)
$100 Brazil/North Korea  10 or more corners -110= Return of $100 (P)
$100 Boston Celtics +240 (L)
$100 over 188 Celtics/Lakers (L)
$100 Reds +101 (L)
$100 White Sox -125= Return of $180 (W)
$200 Rays -125= Return of $360 (W)
$100 Cubs -130 (L)
$100 Cards -1.5 +125= Return of $225 (W)
$100 Texas Rangers +147= Return of $247 (W)
Play of the Day:
$500 Celtics +7 -110 (L)

Total Wagered: $2300
Total Returned: $1112
Total Loss: $1188
Total Earned to Date: 1844.66 (OUCH)

Contact info:

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why USA Shouldn't Win The World Cup

America, you know I love you and you'll always hold a special place in my heart but there's no way you should win the world cup. For starters, you gave us the cum stain in today's video.  (Though if the kid represents anything like the future then I'll be more than happy.) You also have a dumbass for a leader and while the McDonalds breakfast dollar menu is great cause pretty much everything you could imagine is on there, it made you guys disgusting and fat. Also, you have a problem with elitism and while you guys are the shit in many things, you're not God's gift to mankind. What once was a powerful empire, is now crumbling because of greed. It's a shame really but that's why you don't need the world cup. You don't need the world to inflate your already massive cock. You've produced the greatest amount of talent this world has ever seen but with that also came a steep price.

You gave us the pedo, Michael Jackson. You gave us the homo, Perez Hilton. You even have a designated gay city for trannies and the like, San Francisco. Stop accomodating gays, they aren't normal like the rest of us. While I will admit I really like the US Mens national soccer team (Altidore, Edu, Dempsey, Beasley) you also have a massive cunt in Landon Donovan. Landon makes Christian Bale seem likeable, he's a fucking fairy. I'd also like to point out that you gave us Rex Ryan on high def. who has bigger man boobs than the entire University of Waterloo football roster. You shouldn't win the world cup because you don't even give a fuck about domestic soccer (though I don't blame you.) If the Americans win the world cup it'd be news for about 3 days then everyone would go back to not giving a fuck.

While the team is likeable, America you need to start hitting a treadmill and going back to producing the sexy bitches you once had. We went from Halle Berry and Beyonce to Gabourey Sidibe and Star Jones. Where the fuck did you go wrong? Reality tv has ruined everything and you gave the world power hungry fuckers like Jim Joyce who fuck shit up for the Mexicans. How can I forget the fact that you gave the world inbreds in Red Sox fans and the annoying fucker, Neil Diamond. America let's face it, you're the LeBron James on crack to the world. Powerful and unstoppable but a fucking joke and only looks like a threat. You aren't the best in the tourney and you will be shown the door in the quarters.......Portugal you're on the radar.

Recapping the Night:

$100 Cameroon +110 (L)
$200 Italy +120 (L)
$200 Padres -120 (L)
$100 Padres/Jays over 6.5 -125= Return of $180 (W)
$100 Padres -1.5 +185 (L)
$100 Angels -1.5 +125(L)
$200 Cardinals -1.5 -140= Return of $342.86 (W)
$200 Giants -1.5 +105= Return of $410 (W)
Play of the Day:
$400 Holland -188= Return of $613.33 (W)

Total Wagered: $1600
Total Returned: $1546.19
Total Loss: $53.81
Total Earned to Date: $3032.66

Contact Info: BustaBusta_2001@yahoo.ccom

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Why Germany Shouldn't Win The World Cup

Starting up a new series, listing all the countries that don't deserve the world cup. It would be nice to do one for every country in this world cup but let's face it, a lot of them are irrelvant and just here to be pushed over so I'm only doing the relevant countries. Let's Go. Why Germany shouldn't win the world cup. You gave us Hitler, who was a smart guy. The dude did manipulate an entire fucking continent. However he was a guy carrying out his own agenda and in the end proved to be the sickest human being of all time. Even in the toughest of us, morality is apart of humans and Hitler did not have one ounce. That's only the beginning. See Germany is filled with little Hitlers. A bunch of skinheads who do fuck all put post sick messages on weird websites and they get together and listen to Ramstein and try to fuck with people. This is what Germany represents.

A fucked up country, which started with no coast, terrible soil, and no resources and somehow their so damn "developed." You got a fucked up language, a lot of your females resemble men and you fucked with the Jews. I admit I was cool with the Jews until google tried to get me to stop cussing but that doesn't mean I'd try to kill 'em all off. What has Germany done that makes them deserving of anything? They tried to push the EU which is now in all sorts of trouble and their entire foundation is built upon militarization, something that was unnecessary from the start. Also, all the men in that country are a bunch of underground fags. Their most famous dish are big long sausages that resemble cock. Ain't no straight people eat that gay shit. While you do have good beer let's be honest, Belgium makes the best. Hell not even the UN likes you and they try to kiss everybody's ass:

Germany you should be like every other country in that part of Europe, poor and fucked up after a history of wars. Then today, while watching your team I notice those fuckers aren't even German. There's a Brazilian dude named Cacau, a Turkish dude, some African guys, and a shitload of Polish dudes. Nothing screams German like a team composed of a Brazilian, Turk, half of Africa and Poland. You've also given us plenty of faggots throughout time. Beethovan, he was gay. Einstein, he took it up the ass as well. Hegel, Kant and Marx...all gay. Germany you're all a bunch of fags with no culture of you're own so you steal other people's shit, you eat food that resembles my black cock, and you gave the world Hitler, Michael Ballack, and Michael Schumacher. In other words cunt, bigger cunt, and the biggest cunt. (By the way I know Hiter wasn't born in Germany but he's as German as a Mercedes-Benz. For all these reasons, and the fact that you're all cunt wannabe homos, you shouldn't hoist the trophy. USA you're next.....

Recapping the Night: Okay I learnt my lesson, don't bet against Strasburg.

$100 Slovenia +125= Return of $250 (W)
$100 Serbia +125 (L)
$100 St. Louis Cards -135 (L)
$100 Indians +175 (L)
$100 Tigers -1.5 +100 (L)
$100 Reds +100 (L)
$100 Rangers +126= Return of $226 (W)
$200 Rockies -1.5 +125= Return of $450 (W)
$100 Padres -110 (L)
$100 Angels +100= Return of $200 (W)
$100 Celtics -2.5 -110= Return of $190.91 (W)
$200 Celtics/Lakers over 187.5 -110 (L)
Play of The Day:
$400 Germany -200= Return of $600 (W)

Total Wagered: $1800
Total Returned: $1916.91
Total Profit: $116.91
Total Earned to Date: $3086.47

Contact Info:

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.