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Friday, September 9, 2011

Out Indefinitely

Motivation just isn't there right now. I'd bore you with the details but the summer been crappy. Then while in Mexico I got the scare of my life with a friend who had been taken ill. Since then she's doing better but that rattled me, along with a gazillion deaths that occurred this summer. Then some more bullshit I had to deal with in the Spring, the motivation to put something of substance just isn't there right now. I been "faking" it for a while. My cousin in ICU kind of fucked me up, then Jukesy hit me hard, the death of my friend Rendell hit me harder, then Mexico happened and it's like damn, just can't do it anymore, for the moment anyway. Picks and stuff remain the same. I'm looking for a job come December so if any of y'all need anything in public relations, journalism or writing in general, holla lmao. I'll blog when I need more money or box in my life lmao. Thanks for all the love and support. 

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Thursday, September 8, 2011


No blog for a bit I got NFL shit going on lmao.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recapping Mexico- Day 2 and 3

Cheeba's Music Corner: Beanie Sigel- Man's World

This is when the trip really started to take off. Let's begin by saying 99% of drugs are legal in Mexico in small amounts, that means that 99% of drugs in Mexico are shit. I woke up Sunday morning and was like fuck, United play Arsenal. I head to soccer bar down the street in my old Danny Welbeck jersey. Everybody in that motherfucker was wearing a Chicarito jersey and once I walked in they were all like "whoa, Welbeck, this guy must be hardcore." There we made a deal to drink the number of times United score (so first goal -1shot, 2nd goal-2 shots) and so forth. United won by a fucking score of 8-2. I dont think anyone in that bar went past the 5th goal, I could barely last the 90 minutes of that game. It was fucking amazing and hell at the same time. 

Then I hung with the fam, all wasted, at an all inclusive waterpark called Wet N Wild. Shit sounds like a strip club. I don't fuck with all inclusive shit for a reason, I counted 7 shots of Tequila and I could still talk fairly properly. Fuck that water-down shit. I also entered a contest, Mr. Beer Drinking Cancun. I came 2nd in that shit, lost to a fuckin British guy. Dude swallowed 6 pints and I tapped out after 3. My stomach started to feel like it was being attacked by Hurricane Irene. Went back to the hotel while the fam went shopping, said fuck it, grabbed the tongue scrapper and put that shit down my mouth. I puked up like 18838282 gallons worth of shitty drugs and alcohol, it was fucking great. My 2nd best puke I've ever had in my life. I couldn't sleep so I had a wank to the Mexican news channel then eventually passed out. In all honesty this was a pretty cool fucking day. 

Monday morning was cool. Woke up, went in the pool and met a dude from East L.A. who was there on his honeymoon. Dude hated his wife lmao the entire time he was telling me "never get married man I only did it because she was pregnant." Eventually somehow the talk comes up where he knows how to get the good "Roddy White." We ride a bus to some shady fucking town. This is like 10am. That's where I seen the greatest shit ever. We met another dude, also shady, and this motherfucker like runs Mexico. We walk in his house and as soon as dude enters his own house, his wife comes up to him and kisses both his feet. I was in awe like what the fuck type of boss shit is this. It was amazing in every sense of the word, this girl was a fucking 10 as well but I ain't trying to get myself killed. He said she has to kiss his feet everytime he steps into the house that he provided lmao. That's Mexico for you.

Me and the East LA dude bussed back to Cancun where I visited some Mayan ruin thing with the family. That was also pretty cool, here's where the highlight of the trip happened. Well first let me tell you, them Mayan niggas also know how to control their wives. Back in the day as the guide explained, they'd get virgins and stick em in a sauna to purify them. When they were done they'd push em down a big ass lagoon thing for 12 hours. If they died they were unworthy, if they survived they'd wife em up. Beware, I intend to do the same shit to the one I marry lmao. But at this Mayan place there were these kids hounding you to buy their shitty souvenirs. Well one fat kid kept asking me to trade my hat, I had a Yankee fitted. I said no but as I walked around for whatever reason it was bothering me. I told myself if I see him again I'd give it to him in exchange for like 2 of his shitty souvenirs. I ran into him again and he was wearing a old, beat up Tampa Bay fitted. 

I said alright give me 2 of those shitty souvenirs and you could have the hat. This fat nigga says "fine but give me $5 dollars." I say nigga shut the fuck up I'm about to change my fucking mind don't even think of playing that game. Dude smiled and said "take it." The smile on his face when I gave him my fitted was something I'll never forget. The excitement dude got, he might sell it, he might keep it, but the happiness that just lit him up was something I could never put to words. Hands down the highlight of the trip. I finished off the Mayan shit and got drunk at the hotel. 

More tomorrow.

I'm out, peace.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Recapping Mexico- Day 1

Let's just get into it a lot of people been asking bout the trip, here's everything I remember. My flight leaving Pearson was at 7:45 am so I was wasted by 1am. The plan was to head down with the parents to Cancun, fly to Mexico City for 2 days to host some college parties then fly back. Well I got to Pearson, wasted, but they can't suspect I'm wasted. It's like 6:30am and I needed something to wake me up so I head to the expensive ass airport food lounge. The only thing they got is coffee and like week-old croissants. I see they got an expresso for $1.49. I don't know what that shit is but for $1.49 it can't be bad. She sends me a shot of this black thing that looks like ass. This is what you white people willingly drink????? I took one smell and added like 9 packets of splenda and did the shot. Shit was terrible. I get on the plane and 3 hours later I'm in Dallas/Forth-Worth with the fam for a 3 hour wait for a connection. 

While in Dallas I say fuck it, it's time to get wasted again. I head to this Irish bar, the only thing that was open at that time. Me and my dad are pouring back pints of Guinness while watching ESPN. There's a guy next to me from Ramsey, Indiana. He's talking about how he has the greatest place in the world because he lives out in a corn field and he has a shot gun. He was so thrilled lmao. "I have a shotgun so I wouldn't have to deal with this Hurricane Irene looters, I'd kill em." 10 minutes later I was telling him how much I hate black people and dude was just buying me shots of Jager for 2 hours. I went and got a popeyes salad and got on the plane, could barely walk on. I didn't want my mom to know I was smashed cause she'd bitch at me so I took my Popeyes Salad to another empty seat and I start eating. 

There's this girl next to me, about 35, from Kansas. I feel something weird on the handrest when I look at her arms they were fucking hairy like you wouldn't believe. I fucking binned my Popeyes Salad, got the fuck up and went to another empty seat. Where I was graced with 2 19 year olds from Miami. White girls with tongue rings are winning in these streets. They had a laptop so of course I showed them the blog and they were all like "omgggggg you're so amazing." and in my head I'm thinking "omggggggg if I didn't have "her" I'd be getting it in with you 2 heauxs once this plane lands." Smh "her" stands for an anonymous girl, let's leave it at that.

That flight from Dallas to Cancun took like 3.5 fucking hours cause of some little drizzling, dumb ass pilot kept circling. Now we're all in Cancun and first thing I do is head to Subway for another salad. (I fucked with Salads throughout this trip so I could drink with little consequences) I hung with the fam for a bit but they were all tired. I went to the Outback Steakhouse and did more $2 shots of Tequilla and listened to shitty ass Pitbull and T-Pain and shit. Then The UFC came on and the heauxs came out. After 9pm it was $20 and all you could drink, or 200 pesos. The restaurants/bars in Cancun are hurting because of the all inclusive resorts so they practically giving shit away for free. 95% of Mexican girls are ugly and portrayed accurately the way we see em on tv. But that other 5%...fucking hot and not pretentious. I met some folks from England while at the Steakhouse, they were fucking cool. I wanted to puke but I didn't, I walked like 3 miles after that shitty UFC card listening to Arcade Fire then I finally found a cab and gave the fucker $3 to drive me 1 mile to my hotel. I didn't even take a room key so I slept on a beach chair overlooking a lagoon lmao. I woke up the next morning with a sizeable amount of puke on my Nike Tee...what a way to start the Vacation...

I'm out, peace.