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Monday, May 31, 2010

White People, Raise Your Kids Better

There was a time when hip-hop was the shit. Everyone and their mother was listening to it. That golden era is now gone and has been replaced with the likes of Souja Boy and Kanye West and so most white dudes no longer strive and take measures to become black. Being black is no longer cool, the cops will harass you, you won't get the job you want, and Obama didn't help shit. However this Saturday night I realized some strange shit at the bar I was in, the wiggers are making a comeback. Yup, the throwback jersey wearing, jeans in socks rocking, fake jewelry loving white boys from the suburbs are back out in full effect and I can't fucking understand why.

They always bring the trashiest hoe with them. They can't speak a word of proper english so they need some help from hooked on phonics but what is worse is that they grew up in privileged homes and never seen a day of hardship or poverty. When they see blacks getting ink on their skin of friends they lost the white boys want to imitate this however they aren't from the fucking hood. They never lost anyone. So they find a dead relative, usually a Grandpa/Ma who has been dead for like 15 years and they ink it on their body to express their condolences. White folks you need to raise your kids better. These faggots are a disgrace to your entire race. It's bad enough being a real black person but having these rich kids come emulate a race with enough problems is fucking terrible. I never understood the infatuation with "trying to be black." One could make the correlation that black people run from the law and get nice hoes but so did fucking Rambo why the fuck don't these faggots want to be Rambo or Mark Wahlberg.

It's fucking terrible going to the bar for a little release and catching UFC but you have to put up with 19-26 year olds scream "brattttttttttttttttttttttt kill him boss" at the screen. The worst these kids have done is gotten a phone call home from their grade 10 science teacher but seeing them in person they act like they shot 14 dudes and got away with it. A bunch of fucking faggots. It should be the parents responsibility to make sure their kids don't grow up to be this fucking gay. The world is changing and with every passing day there is more and more bullshit to put up with, we don't need this additional stress. Parents enrol your kids in ballet or karate or something don't have them run around listening to Snoop Dogg pretending to be all fucking tough. Wiggers you guys need to put on the Lacoste polos and fitted jeans and stop running around like little twats, grown ass men for fuck sakes.

Recapping the Night:

$200 Braves/Pirates under 9 -105= Return of $390.48 (W)
$200 Rays -1.5 +115 (L)
$100 Dbacks -105 (L)
$100 Mets/Brewers under 9.5 -115 (L)
$100 Cards -115 = Return of $186.96 (W)
$100 Yankees/Indians over 9.5 -130= Return of $176.66 (W)
$100 As +105 (L)
$100 As/Tigers under 9 +110 (L)
Play of the Day:
$400 Jays -1.5 +110= Return of $840 (W)

Total Wagered: $1400
Total Returned: $1594.10
Total Profit: $194.10
Total Earned to Date: $5758.72

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

World Cup Prop/Game Edition

1st and 2nd in Group Stage:
Group A: 1st France 2nd Mexico (+400)
Group B: 1st Argentina 2nd Nigera (+200)
Group C: 1st England 2nd USA (+188)
Group D: 1st Germany 2nd Serbia (+300)
Group E: 1st Holland 2nd Cameroon (+250)
Group F: 1st Italy 2nd Paraguay (+138)
Group G: 1st Brazil 2nd Portugal (+188)
Group H: 1st Spain 2nd Chile (+188)

To Finish Last In the Group:
Group A: South Africa (+138)
Group B: Korea (+100)
Group C: Algeria (-125)
Group D: Ghana (+188)
Group E: Denmark (+300)
Group F: New Zealand (-400)
Group G: North Korea (-1000) don't even bother
Group H: Swiss. (-188)

Predict the Finalists:
Argentina + Brazil (+2000)
England + Brazil (+2500)

Continental Betting:
Top African Team, Ivory Coast: +175
Top European Team, England +333
Winning Continent: South America +220

Top Goalscorer:
Rooney +1000
Messi +900

To Win Outright:
Brazil +450
Argentina +700
England +650

Recapping the Night:

$100 Minny Twins -125= Return of $180 (W)
$100 Phillies -120= Return of $183.33 (W)
$100 Phillies/Marlins under 7.5 -125= Return of $180 (W)
$100 Yankees/Cleveland over 9.5 -105= Return of $195.24 (W)
$100 Braves/Pirates over 9 -105= Push Return of $100 (P)
$100 KC Royals +125 (L)
$100 Tigers/As over 9 -105 (L)
$200 Blackhawks/Flyers over 5.5 -120= Return of $366.67 (W)
$100 Chicago Blackhawks -1.5 +155 (L)
$100 Suns/Lakers over 215.5 (L)
$100 Mike Russow +275= Return of $375 (W)
$200 Michael Bisping -200= Return of $300 (W)
$300 Quinton Jackson -115 (L)
Play of The Day:
$400 Phoenix Suns -1.5 -110 (L)

Total Wagered: $2100
Total Returned: $1880.24
Total Loss: $219.76
Total Earned to Date: $5564.62

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Award For the Most Pathetic Life Goes To:

We finally knew what Willis was talking about. Normally I wouldn't talk about shit like this because karma's going to take money from me but I'll take the risk. I don't give a fuck about this guy but today I found out something interesting. Despite being married, at 42 there is a high probability that Gary Coleman died a virgin. What the fuck? When I think of shitty lives I think of Paul Bernardo rotting in a cell or Timothy McVeigh eating that mint chocolate chip ice cream before his execution. However, Gary Coleman you might have had a worse life than those two cunts. Let's look at the facts. You were born with some weird disease that makes you look like a short freak. The fact that you were a short freak enabled you to act in a show where everyone exploited you, including your parents. After the show you couldn't get an acting job or a real job because you were a freak so you do a lot of  dumb shit. Then you get married to some hot white chick and now we find out you never even fucked her.

As the saying goes, everytime you fall just dust yourself off and get back on your feet. Gary Coleman couldn't even do that properly. However, the sad part is I don't think he died from a fall, I think Gabourey Sidibe ate him. But really Gary why didn't you just kill yourself like your good friend Dana Plato, it would have made things easy on you. Throughout his life everyone ridiculued Gary Coleman's short black ass and now that he's dead they'll all go put out their "RIP" on the social networks and talk about how influential he was on their childhood. Let's call a spade of spade, he was a fucking freak who couldn't do anything right and if he was 18 inches taller no one would ever know who this pathetic fuck is. The fact is we could cry about his ass all we want but how did Gary Coleman affect my life? I watched him on PBS a few times (Different Strokes was a terrible fucking show by the way) and I laughed at his freakish looking ass. We could talk about how everyone fucked him over in life but the fact of the matter is, this dude received most of the money that was taken from him.

He was awarded $1.3 million. Go buy yourself some pussy Arnold what the fuck did you blow that money on? Why the fuck should I feel sorry for someone that was awarded $1.3 million, was married to a hot fucking chick, and still died a virgin. Dude spent 42 years being a freak when we could have just done what his friend Dana did and become worm food, at least she did something with herself. Where the fuck did he even fall from? The kids high chair at Applebees? I never understood why child-stars who can't find work anymore decide to do drugs and alcohol and squander the money they earned. Why not come to the realization that people will always perceive you as the child you once acted and maybe go back to school, get a real job and do the odd appearence here and there. Instead you got little Arnold Jackson blowing $1.3 million on anime and Pokemon cards, filing for bankruptcy and beating a wife he never fucked. Congrats Gary, you get the most pathetic life award because everything you ever tried to do, you came up just a little short......

Recapping the Night: Better than I thought it would be after I lost the play of the day. Approach tomorrows board with caution, karma might have her say. Sunday I'm doing a special edition on World Cup gambling so if you are a gambler and usually tune out on Sundays you might want to pop in for a bit.

$100 Washington Nationals +141= Return of $241 (W)
$200 Nationals/Padres over 6.5 -120= Return of $366.67 (W)
$100 Diamondbacks +130 (L)
$100 Mariners -105=Return of $195.24 (W)
$100 St. Cards -1.5 +130= Return of $230 (W)
$200 Mets -105 (L)
$100 Tigers/As over 9 -120= Push Return of $100 (P)
Arena Football:
$200 Orlando Predators +1 (L)
$100 Celtics -3.5 -110= Return of $190.91 (W)
Play Of The Day:
$400 Celtics/Magic over 188 -110 (L)

Total Wagered: $1600
Total Returned: $ 1323.82
Total Loss: $276.18
Total Earned To Date: $5784.38

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Friday, May 28, 2010

50 Bitches You Could Fuck But Never Marry (Part 2)

25) A chick who wears Suit Jackets: She's really a lesbian

24) A chick who knows more about sports than you: Her sex game is weak and she won't suck your dick.

23) The chick who watches the 6 o'clock news for the full hour: She'll believe everything people tell her.

22) A girl who spends hours reading: she has no social interaction skills and will be terrible in bed.

21) A chick who still watches American Idol: Bitch should have stopped that 5 years ago, she's a loser.

20) A girl who wants to spend all her vacation time in cottage country: Tell that bitch to stop being a honkey.

19) A chick who has a bulk pack of Canesten: Don't even bother hitting it just run faster than Usain Bolt.

18) A chick who has a bulk pack of Vagasil: she got an STD, enter at your own risk.

17) A bitch who enjoys Corner Gas: it's quite okay to punch her in the face, a rare exception.

16) The chick who listens to Black Eyed Peas: I don't even have to explain this one.

15) The girl who wants to tape what goes on in bed from the first time: She's done it before and chances are she'll compare with previous ones. If you ain't as good she's gonna cheat.

14) A Dutch Chick with kids from a previous relationship: You won't understand this one cause it's for a certain reader but still avoid them if you ever come across these hoes.

13) The girl who does all her shopping at Costco: eventually she's going to be a fat ass.

12) A chick who thinks marijuana shouldn't be legalized: tell her to eat your ass.

11) A girl that is willing to toss your salad on the first date: As good as it sounds, think about it...

10) The chick who says she wants to go back to school: She'll be using your money for that nonsense. Tell her to strip with her useless history degree.

9) A girl who sleeps for more than 10 hours daily: her life sucks and she's going to die soon

8) The girl who has more dudes numbers in her phone than females because she "doesn't get along with females": what she's trying to say is that she'll fuck anything with a dick.

7) A girl who still defends OJ: uhhh ya show that bitch the door and you'll probably need to show her how to open it as well.

6) A Jewish chick: she got all the money in the world but you'll never see a cent.

5) A girl who went to Everest College: ya those TBS commercials really show what an IVY league school Everest is.

4) A chick who likes daily bubble baths: She'll expect you to eat her out but you're never getting head.

3) A girl with 4+ brothers and no sisters: She's really a man.

2) A girl who thinks scrambled eggs are a luxury meal: Steal her pop tarts and get out of that relationship

1) The chick who is real close with her step-dad and he helps her out financially: He's fucking her.

Recapping the Night: Fuckin Ron Artest

$100 Houston Astros +120 (L)
$200 LA Dogers +110 (L)
$100 Cincy Reds -1.5 +105= Return of $205 (W)
$100 Nationals/Giants over 8 -115= Return of $186.96 (W)
$100 Braves +100= Return of $200 (W)
$200 Phillies -120 (L)
$100 Tampa Bay Rays -1.5 +110= Return of $210 (W)
$100 Yankees/Twins under 9.5 -115 (L)
$100 Suns +300 (L)
$200 Suns/Lakers over 217.5 -115 (L)
Play of the Day:
$400 Suns +7.5 -105= Return of $780.95 (W) 

Total Wagered: $1700
Total Returned: $1582.91
Total Loss: $117.09
Total Earned to Date: $6060.56

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

50 Bitches You Could Fuck But Never Marry (Part 1)

Last night I was sitting in class bored out of my mind. I decided to look around and see if I could pick one chick that would make a good wife. Was doing this exercise purely on looks. I then realized...none of these hoes could be my wife. Here's the first 25 girls who are good for sex and nothing else, if you married em you made a mistake:

50) The girl who often wears track pants/sweats/any sort of sporting gear to class. For a bitch to dress like that, I don't care how hot they are....they're hiding something like a 3rd nipple or a cock.

49) Virgins: you have to ask yourself, was it worth it? They are worse than leeches when it comes to clinging.

48) The ones with high self-esteem: Females should never have high self-esteem. Something ain't right.

47) Eastern-European hoes: They'll call their brother on your ass when things go sour and he'll blow your ass up like they do at football (soccer) matches.

46) Any chick that watches Glee: She will want you to wear skinny jeans and act like a fag.

45) Portugese girls: They are so sexy, until you marry them. Then they start to resemble Kirstie Alley after Cheers. These bitches let themselves down.

44) A chick who knows nothing about sports: Recently had a chick tell me: Why can't a QB throw it so high in the air that they catch it themselves, would make for a great trick play....uh ya...

43) A women that listens to Pink: She's on her empowered bullshit and will fuck you over if you ever put a ring on her finger.

42) An Ambitious Women: If she's going to make more than you, she'll force you to do things you don't want too. Like "stick this dildo in your ass" and you got no choice cause the bitch pays the bills, avoid it.

41) An arabic chick: uhhhh Jihad...

40) A chick that listens to Akon: That bitch is the one sucking multiple dicks in the club

39) A fat chick: If she was fat when you met her, what the fuck did you think would happen when you married her. The bitch didn't care about herself then and she won't care about herself now.

38) A chick who has never been on public transport: If she's never been on the bus in her life, then she don't know anything about life and this bitch needs to be avoided.

37) A chick who buys her clothes at Walmart: uh ya it's 2010 surely you could find the clearence rack at H&M.

36) A girl who loves techno/house music: She'll definitely cheat on your ass with the first fist pumper that comes around.

35) A Boston Red Sox Fan: they got aids.

34) A chick who volunteers for the less fortunate: If a chick spends time volunteering, she's compensating for something she doesn't have and it's best you avoid her so you don't hold the burden of finding out the cause for the gap in her life.

33) An overly religion chick: Eventually you'll do something that God wouldn't'll get ugly.

32) A chick who can out drink you: Do I really have to explain this one?

31) A bitch who can swallow a banana whole: uhhhhhh give her my number.

30) A girl who claims her dad is her best friend/role model: That dude was touching her and telling her to like it back in the day

29) A bitch who aspires to be a model: She'll suck a lot of cock to get to the top.

28) The girl who suddenly has to go to the bathroom after every meal: she ain't freshening up..she's throwing up.

27) A girl who despises Chris Brown: He had the right idea.

26) A girl who brings her own condoms: Ya dude you're flying into the Grand Canyon with that one...hit it and run her legs could stretch from here to Mars.

Part 2 coming tomorrow.

Recapping the Night: Thank you Washington Nationals

$200 Vancouver +100 (L)
$100 Marlins +127 (L)
$100 Phillies -110 (L)
$200 Dodgers +100= Return of $400 (W)
$100 Astros +105= Return of $205 (W)
$100 Cardinals -115 (L)
$100 Washington Nationals +250= Return of $350 (W)
$100 White Sox -120= Return of $183.33 (W)
$100 Texas Rangers -115 (L)
$200 LA Angels -130= Return of $353.85 (W)
$200 Yankees +103= Return of $406 (W)
$100 Celtics +4 (L)
$100 Celtics money line +165 (L)
Play of The Day:
$400 Celtics/Magic over 186= Return of $763.64 (W)

Total Wagered: $2100
Total Returned: $2661.82
Total Profit: $561.82
Total Earned to Date: $6177.65

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why The Hood Will Always Be The Hood

This past weekend I spent a lot of time in the hood. The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, I love the hood it always gives me a different perspective on life. However, if it's one thing I've learned it's that these people will always be at the bottom of the barrel and will never amount to anything in life. Why? Because they are contented with sitting on their ass and doing fuck all but blaming the gov't, the cops, and everyone else and they refuse to do anything about it. Every hood I visited, there were kids, adults, seniors all on every corner handing out pamphlets yelling out, " God is our creator how do we serve him".." Jesus is the reason we are alive come to the church of God." I'm a believer in God and I got faith and all that but the reason I'm alive is that in May of 1988 my dad decided to stick his cock into my mom. I was amazed at the amount of people who did fuck all but hand out these pamphlets.

What the fuck? Ever heard of work? You're 20, you got 2 kids and one on the way, you got no real education because while everyone is in class you were spreading those legs, and now you and your kids spend days on the street corner handing out flyers that will inevitably land in the trash. Jesus ain't going to save your hispanic ass because you held out flyers promoting the word of God. Why don't you get a real job so your kids will have a better life than you did but nah your ass is too fucking lazy to go out and collect a pay cheque. Among the addicts, ex-convicts, crack dealers, pregnant teens, and bible thumpers they all have one thing in common, they are all fucking lazy. I grew up in an environment like this for most of my life and regardless of the era or generation shit always remains the same, babies will be born, grow up not knowing shit and doing fuck all but living off the govt's dime and they'll die with nothing.

People need to stop blaming other people for their life being shit. The Cavs could blame Mike Brown all they want but the fact is their star boy quit. The hood could blame the govt all they want but the fact is they are too lazy to get off their asses and do something about it and they'll always live in the shitty environment that they grew up in. There's only so much people or things you can blame before you come to the self-realization that you're the one that's fucked up not everyone around you. The world gives everyone an excuse through the media or other people's influence but if everyone stopped wanking for a brief second and at least made an attempt to have a better quality of life, then things would be different. However, it's too much to ask for people who just want to stand on corners saying " Jesus is the reason for the season."...those flyers are the reason they'll never amount to anything in life.

Recapping the Night: Marking this one down as "one of those nights"

$100 Cleveland Indians +123= Return of $223 (W)
$100 Oakland As -105 (L)
$200 Phillies -130 (L)
$200 Yankees -115= Push Return of $200 (P)
$200 Rays -110 (L)
$200 Blue Jays -110 (L)
$100 Blue Jays/Angels under 8 -110 (L)
$200 Tigers -125 (L)
$100 Giants -115= Return of $186.96 (W)
$100 Cardinals/Padres over 6.5 +100 (L)
$100 Florida Marlins -130= Return of $176.92 (W)
$100 Suns/Lakers under 221= Push Return of $100 (P)
Play of the Day:
$400 Phoenix Suns +105= Return of $820 (W)

Total Wagered: $2100
Total Returned: $1706.88
Total Loss: $393.12
Total Earned to Date: $5555.83

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fox Should Be Renamed Adrian Peterson, They Dropped the Fuckin Ball

You devote 8 years of your life to something then you'd expect the ending to be something spectacular. An ending you would always remember for the rest of your life. I still remember the ending of Seinfeld, Prison Break, the Sopranos and even shitty ass Fraser. What I witnessed last was the biggest piece of shit Fox could ever come up with. It was a 2 hour fucking long movie preview for 24 the movie. You know what makes it fucking terrible, the build-up to the series finale was nothing short of spectacular. It's like being told you have a blind date with Eva Longoria, and you prepare for weeks in excitement, then you find out it was a cruel nasty joke and the date was with Jean Stapleton, the annoying bitch from All In The Family.

24, surely you could have killed off an important character, had a strange plot twist, blow the fucking world up for fuck sakes. Instead, you said fuck it let's advertise the for the upcoming movie and made sure the dumbass president confessed and had Jack Bauer run off. Fuck the creators of that bullshit. Then you got the social networks blowing up because Jack Bauer put tears in their eyes and gave them 8 years of non-stop action. You people need to get laid, I don't even give a fuck if it's from the same sex just go get action. If you're crying because you're favourite show is now off the air especially when they played your ass in the season finale then you need to get help asap. Don't even finish reading the blog just go and down those prescription meds now, don't prolong the inevitable.

Among all the other things that have gone to shit in the world, it's now safe to say that TV is one of them. Except for Entourage, The Office, and House, nothing is fucking good anymore. Reality Tv has run its course, the NBA is fucking garbage, Showcase no longer shows porn on Friday nights, and they gave a Mexican his own show. How the fuck does George Lopez have his own show? I could stand on stage and talk about famine in Africa and it would be more appealing than watching the George Lopez show. On top of that for whatever reason Canada refuses to give me ESPN so I'm stuck with watching honkeys talk about hockey all fucking day. Out of boredom every once in a while I tune into these shows with the NHL analysts and it's quite scary how much they claim to know about the players. Not suprised if they knew what the players cum tastes like. It's fucking ridiculous, fuck you tv, fuck you 24, and fuck you Canada for not giving me ESPN, rather live in Haiti.

Recapping the Weekend: Everytime I'm away I seem to make more money than I would sitting in front this computer. Vacations are good for betting I guess.


$200 Phillies -130= Return of $373.91 (W)
$200 Padres/Mariners under 6.5 -130 (L) 
$200 Rockies -120 (L) 
$200 SF Giants/Oakland under 7.5 -115= Return of $373.91 (W) 
$200 Cincy Reds -115= Return of $373.91 (W) 
Saturday: (plays of the Day)
$500 InterMilan +125= Return of $1125 (W) 
$100 Celtics -3 -110= Return of $190.91 (W)

Total Wagered: $1600
Total Returned: $ 2437.64
Total Profit: $837.64
Total Earned To Date: $5948.95

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Friday, May 21, 2010

If You Aren't Gay Download This.

I never promote garbage on this blog so when I say something is the shit it is really good. My homeboy K-Dot-O-Dot got a new album out and it really is fucking great. If you like Hip-hop/real shit go get it because you won't be disappointed. Get it here:

Also I'm going away to God's greatest city for the weekend. To watch God's favourite team take on Satan, I mean the Mets. Shutting her down and I'll be back on Tuesday morning. Have a safe, blessed long weekend and I can't thank y'all enough for the support I've gotten. Don't do anything I would do. Peace.

Take That Sucka

Usually I don't like to talk about rumors that started from some shitty blog, this one being (what the fuck?) but numerous inside sources are calling this one  true so it has some legs. Last week the cunt on your left cost most of us some money. He was a twat and he quit on his team and just took it up the ass by the Boston Celtics. This week, we find out that while LeBron James was quitting on defence and refused to drive it to the basket, his team-mate Delonte West was driving something into his mother, Gloria James. Ha Ha Ha Ha in 7 years you've won fuck all, done a bunch of gay dances on the court, had almost every call go your way, and did a whole lot of nothing and now we could add that your team-mate fucked your mom. Well done LeBron!

While this is definitely a pipe dream wouldn't it be amazing if Gloria married Delonte and LeBron was forced to call him daddy. How bad does it get? Here we have a gifted player who is about to hold the NBA hostage so they can all toss his salad while he chooses a team for next season and Delonte West is getting it in with his mother. LeBron you could go to Chicago, you could go to New York, or you could stay in Cleveland but none of that would change the fact that Delonte West, some orange haired freak from DC plowed your mom. I wonder what it's like to play with someone who after practice will get in his car and go straight to your mom's house. Had it been me I'd have knocked his ass out and disown my mother however knowing LeBron he probably did a few locker-room dances and went back to the mirror so he could masturbate to the fact that he is LeBron James.

However when you put it all in perspective, Delonte West what the fuck is wrong with you? For beginners, if it is true then you'll probably never play another NBA game in your life. The league is pro-LeBron and they don't want a guy like you in there because they can't protect their baby. Also, that fucking bitch looked like a 5ft10' LeBron James, they look exactly alike. Are you some time of faggot who couldn't get with LeBron so you decided to bang the dude's mother. You're a fucking millionare you could get any pussy you want but you decide to bang some 40 year old dude-looking thing?  You're a fucking freak and you probably fucked your career over but it ain't like I give a fuck. Can't wait to see the inevitable sex-tape though even as a porn addict there is no way in hell I'm watching it.

Recapping the Night: Fuckin Jays.

$100 Rays/Yankees over 9 -115= Return of $186.91 (W)
$200 Braves -150= Return of $333.33 (W)
$100 Phillies/Cubs under 9 -105= Push Return of $100 (P)
$100 Cardinals/Marlins over 7.5 -105 (L)
$100 Royals/Indians Over 9 +100= Return of $200 (W)
$200 Tigers -115= Return of $373.91 (W)

$100 Twins +126 (L)
$100 Houston Astros +131 (L)
$200 Flyers/Canadiens over 5 -125= Return of $360 (W)
$100 Canadiens -1.5 +230= Return of $330 (W)
Play of The Day:
$500 Blue Jays -125 (L)

Total Wagered: $1800
Total Returned: $1844.15
Total Profit: $84.15
Total Earned to Date: $5111.31

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What the Hell is Wrong with Everyone who Owns A Vagina?

I prefer to just fuck and leave em but everyone around me thinks dating is cool and it's the only way to love someone and blah blah so yesterday I decided to go on a date with a chick. Hispanic with a fat ass, looks like a fuckable Jordin Sparks (though her hair is something else). To be honest I had mixed feelings about the whole ordeal because I knew I wasn't going to get any vagina and that sort of left me unmotivated. However I figure she might blow me or something and it could just be worth it so we decided on a meal and a movie. Of course being the gentleman that I am and the fact that I've been making decent coin lately, I of course had the intention of paying for everything. (of course I wasn't going to tell the bitch that.) 1 hour before we were supposed to meet I got a text saying " can we please eat somewhere cheap"

Now I try my best to avoid looking deep into things but that question had shattered all hope of this date going smooth in the slighest. My mind had already turned and I wasn't going to analyze what the bitch meant so I replied "uhhh okay Boston Pizza and the Movie but don't worry it's on me." I guess at this point she mis-read the text and then asked " Am I paying for all of Boston Pizza?" Ummm yup this shit was over quicker than Len Bias' pro career. I called the shit off and of course being the nice human being I am, I called up one of my hoes and got a quick booty call. I got some fine vagina and didn't have to pay a cent. (though something bit me in the park we were banging in) What the fuck is wrong with females? This is why I like them at the highschool level, they just want cock. What the hell was this bitch implying? What's amazing is that she still doesn't have a clue as to where she went wrong. How about stop being a cheap bitch and swallow a cock with aids.

I'm tired of hearing about women rights and anything pertaining to gender equality. It's 2010 and hoes are still acting fucking stupid. What happened to the good old days where just having a big cock would get you vagina. Now you have to go out and actually be seen in public with the bitch and then pretend to like her when all you want to do is fuck anyway. I guess this incident was reflective of the type of trash I hang around but seriously these hoes need to know their role. It's fucking rude and disrespectful to be that bold about cash and it wasn't like we were going to eat at the CN fucking tower. Let's say I was a cheap bastard and I didn't intend on paying for anything. A movie for 2 people would be let's say 30 bucks and a meal at Boston Pizza let's say $25. $55 bucks and this bitch is asking about it? Is the recession still affecting people so much that they can't afford $55 for a date. Chances are she's reading honey if you see this, and I mean it with all my heart...take your nasty ass looking hair (which you think makes you look like Kim Kardashian but you really look like Gabourey Sidibe) and stay the fuck away from me.

Recapping the Night: I'm sorry if anyone missed it but at about 9pm once the Phillies shit the bed I threw another 500 on the Blue Jays. I liked the pick just as much as the Phillies one and it saved us today. I know I messaged most people but I'm sorry if you missed it. I would have posted picks earlier but I spent a good portion of today sitting on the can after downing a bottle of Ensure. I don't know what's in that thing but it put my stomach on another planet.

$600 Toronto Blue Jays +115= Return of $1290 (W)
$100 Cincy Reds/Atlanta Braves Over 8.5 -115= Return of $186.96 (W)
$100 Oakland As +112 (L)
$100 Rangers/Orioles under 9.5 -110= Return of $190.91 (W)
$100 Cincy Reds +111 (L)
$100 KC Royals +125= Return of $225 (W)
$200 Suns +7.5 -115 (L)
$100 Suns/Lakers under 216.5
Play of The Day:
$500 Phillies -135

Total Wagered: $1900
Total Returned: $1892.87
Total Loss: $7.13
Total Earned to Date: $5027.16

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Toronto Wank Fest Coming Soon

It's 1:59am and I'm not in the mood for the RCMP or FBI knocking on my door and wanting to beat my ass so I'll try my best to behave in this entry. Everytime I turn on the television I keep hearing about this G20 Summit in Toronto that is going to shut the city down and will leave Toronto in complete chaos. I try to avoid the news as much as I can so I didn't know what the fuck is going on until about 15 minutes ago when I decided to wiki G20. Basically all the world leaders and finance ministers of relevant countries along with the central bank are coming over to discuss economic issues and talk about the global economy and blah blah blah. Here's what I want to know...what the fuck is so important that no one can enter the downtown core and the Jays and their 10,000 fans (well 45k because of Doc) won't be able to see the Phillies.

What the fuck do these world leaders have to talk about? Europe? Broke. Dubai? Broke. USA? Broke. England? Don't even have a fucking government. South Africa? Dangerous and probably broke. It's annoying that all these world leaders are coming from all over the globe to Toronto to talk about the economy. " We didn't know what the fuck we were doing and no one has money, anywhere." Can't that shit be said in a conference call or in Des Moines, Iowa or some shit? As I speak there are choppers flying around, CCTVs are being installed, and cops on horses and bikes are patrolling the city at random hours during the night. All this because world leaders want to come here and talk about how great they're doing with the economy. Let's be honest all this hype, all this commotion it's all for the one and only, better than god Barack Obama. Some lazy half-Nigerian dude from Chicago who has no clue what he's doing so he yells the word "change" a bunch of times and the whole world sucks his dick.

What a world we live in. Why do people want to protest this shit? It's self-destruction. A bunch of leaders coming over to take pics and then tweet them with Barack. For a guy who has done fuck all but talked a lot of shit, I can't believe he still gets this much attention. The G20 Summit is nothing but a glorifed wank fest where every world leader gets in a line and takes a turn at stroking Obama's dick. Then for about 5 minutes they'll have a toast to fucking over the world economically. With the sad state the world is in from an economic point of view, I'm trully amazed that these people haven't all fucked off to the Arctic and just hid from everyone. But who am I kidding then none of them would be able to fly to Toronto on some fancy private jet to kiss Barack's ass. The world has gone to shit but everyone is welcome in Toronto where they can stroke a failed leader's cock...all because of the fact that his deadbeat dad happened to be Nigerian....Oh what a Wonderful World.

Recapping the Night: Finally got it right again...let's keep it rolling.

$100 Canadiens +140 (L)
$100 Mets/Braves Under 8 -120= Return of $182.83 (W)
$100 KC Royals -110 (L)
$100 Toronto Blue Jays/Twins over 8 -110= Return of $190.91 (W)
$100 Oakland As +112= Return of $212 (W)
$100 Rangers/Angels over 8.5 +105= Return of $205 (W)
$100 Arizona Diamondbacks +185 (L)
$100 Cleveland/Tampa Bay over 8.5 -105 (L)
$200 Celtics/Magic under 189 -110 = Return of $381.82 (W)
Play of The Day:
$400 Celtics +7.5 -110= Return of $763.64 (W)

Total Wagered: $1400

Total Returned: $1936.20
Total Profit: $536.20
Total Earned to Date: $5034.29

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arizona Gets It Right

Being black it's always hard to find a balance. You have to complain about the white folks because 500 years ago they fucked with your people and it's a cheap justification as to why you sit on the couch drinking 40s playing Madden all day. However if you decide to go out and get a job you have to blame you're own people for fucking you over and they're the reason why you'll never get the position you desire. Then you have the cops who harass you for just being black. Over time you learn to live with this imbalance because whether you blame cops, blacks, whites, or animals in the end you're still going to be fucked up if that's who you are. Now people are up in arms because Arizona doesn't want anymore illegal Mexicans and will profile anyone they suspect of being an illegal immigrant in the state.

Isn't that a fucking great thing? For the 40 or so dickheads that hang around the Home Depot all day pretending to look for work while sipping shitty discount beer wearing funny ass hats, those are the ones that are fucked. Folks the cops aren't going to target a dude in a suit at 8am going to his job. They are targeting the people who shouldn't fucking be in the country but come and somehow live off the government's dime. Isn't it a great fucking thing that the state is kicking out people who shouldn't fucking be there in the first place? In Toronto you got 40 Asians all living in a basement seperated by dividers, pissing on their front lawn and often times they'll try to jaywalk on the freeway. I wish these people would get the fuck out as well, even if it meant anyone could be targeted just because of the way they look.

Let's face it folks, Mexicans are only valued because they do the shit no one wants to do, not even ambitious black people. They are the Asians of Toronto. They come in bunches, live in segregated communities, piss everyone off and bitch and complain about how the system is "against" them. Maybe if you fucked off to wherever the hell you came from then the system wouldn't be against you. In North America we are filled with pricks who come here, live off the government and expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter and accompanied with a blow job. I don't care if you're black, white, mexican, asian fuck if you aren't here with proper documentation then you need to be booted the fuck out. Who cares if everyone gets profiled? It's a small price to pay for a great reward. I wish if the whole fucking continent adopted this policy but I'll take these baby steps and tip my hat to Arizona, a job well done.

Recapping the Night: 7-3 and only $61 bucks to show for it. Money allocation is the biggest factor in gambling and tonight I showed exactly why. Oh well a profit is a profit. Let's keep her rolling.


$100 Milwaukee Brewers -110 (L)
$100 Royals/Orioles under 9 +105= Return of $205 (W)
$100 KC Royals +122= Return of $222 (W)
$100 St. Louis Cardinals -1.5 +125= Return of $225 (W)
$100 Texas Rangers -155= Return of $164.52 (W)
$100 Pittsburg Pirates +190 (L)
$100 Oakland As -130= Return of $176.92 (W)
$100 Toronto Blue Jays +100 (L)
$100 Toronto/Twins over 9.5 -115= Return of $186.96 (W)
$100 Lakers/Suns over 210 -110= Return of $190.91 (W)
Play of The Day:
$300 Suns +6.5 -110 (L)

Total Wagered: $1300
Total Returned: $1361.21
Total Profit: $61.21
Total Earned to Date: $4498.09

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Parents Should Be Arrested for Gay Ass Kids

For whatever reason I spent the majority of the day being pissed off. No real reason, nothing I could possibly justify it with. I just sat here in this sinking ass futon watching life pass me by wondering what the fuck to do. About 14 hours in that frame of mind. The sports were pissing me off so I decided to find a channel where I could watch and have nothing to think about, the news channel. Fuck was I wrong. 10 secs into my already pissed off state and I see exactly why I love the world so much  Tomohiro Shibata and Satoko Inoue, a Japanese couple had a wedding today. You know typical weddings involve a bunch of fake faces and words all in the name of joy and unity though 10 years later you're probably going to get divorced. Not this couple though they're special..why? They got married by a robot.

No priest, no judge, a fucking Hello-Kitty look-a-like robot. Where do we draw the line? The fucking kids in today's display picture are wearing fucking animal knapsacks meant for toddlers. Once again Asia shows  the Western World exactly how powerful they are, they walk around the streets in child backpacks and get married by robots. Parents should be held responsible for dumb ass kids. I don't give a fuck what society you're in but living in a world where people do this gay ass shit is a world not worth living. Somehow somewhere along the lines the world just keeps getting more and more strange and people just accept it as if it were the norm. Yet if I decide to get drunk and piss on the sidewalk or smoke a fat spliff, I'll be headed to jail. Meanwhile a couple could get married by robots but nope nothing wrong with them they're perfectly fine.

I could accept the fact that being parents are tough jobs and raising kids is not an easy task but what the fuck is going on. We're surrounded by Justin Bieber, robots, and overpriced electronics beginning with the word "I" and it's like the whole world is being sucked into this black hole. Why are there so many fags? What's wrong with going to city hall and getting married like everyone else or dressing "normal" now there are people on one side of the world getting married by robots. There are some dudes in Japan that fuck these robots and all. Technology has made us all retarded. Productivity is a myth. People spend years upon years of their lives in factories making all these fancy "toys". Anything from a fancy car to an I-phone and all it does is make people more fucking stupid. I'm convinced that materialism is just making this once wonderful world become a fucking lanfill. But whatever I'll be dead by 45 anyway I'm out, going to find more facebook friends who I will never meet, fuck, or have any positive impact on my life but at least I will have one more facebook friend.

Recapping the Night: Could have been worse...could have been better. Hopefully tomorrow I get a clearer head and we start winning again.


$200 SJ/Chicago over 5.5 -130 (L)
$200 Habs +120 (L)
$200 Habs/Flyers over 5 -140= Return of $342.86 (W)
$200 St. Louis Cardinals -120 (L)
$100 Nationals/Rockies over 9.5 -125 (L)
$100 Blue Jays +107= Return of $207 (W)
$100 Phillies -1.5 +110= Return of $210 (W)
Arena Football:

$200 OKC +6.5 -110= Return of $381.92 (W)
$200 Celtics/Magic over 189 (L)
Play of The Day:
$300 Celtics +6.5 -110= Return of $572.73 (W)

Total Wagered: $1800

Total Returned: $1714.51
Total Loss: $85.49
Total Earned To Date: $4436.88

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recapping The Night- Blog Returns Tomorrow


$100 Phillies -110= Return of $190.91 (W)

$100 Marlins -120= Return of $181.24 (W)

$200 Toronto -140 = Return of $342.86

$100 Red Sox/Tigers over 9 -105= Return of $195.24 (W)

$100 Royals/White Sox under 8.5 -120 (L)

$100 Rays/Mariners over 8.5 +100 (L)

Play of The Day:

$400 Blue Jays/Rangers over 8.5 -120 (L)

Total Wagered: $1100
Total Returned: $910.25
Total Loss: $190.25
Total Earned to Date: $4522.37

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Europe Behave Yourself

About a week ago I was given an article from the Croatian times. Since then I've been browsing the website. Here in Toronto our headlines usually consist of a high speed chase on the freeway with some dude going over 180km/hr or some celebrity that no one cares about who is checking into rehab. This isn't the case in Croatia. Just browsing the first page I read headlines like: Doctor charged for refusing to help Serbian patient because of nationality. 13 year old Boy goes to school with loaded gun. Cop charged with raping 14 year old girl. Boy finds skull in riverbed and a cop loses his eye as a result of last week's domestic soccer game. The fuck is wrong with you people. I'm not talking about Croatia alone I'm talking about the whole fucknig continent.

You've spent centuries fighting each other for God knows what, why the fuck don't you all just start smoking some fat spliffs and enjoy life. I guarentee you next week when I check the croatian times it's going to be the same dumbass headlines about people who are just fucked in the head. Yet in Romania or Austria it would be no different. The continent is shaking because the EU is about to fall, you're women aren't as hot as they once were, and you fuckers are still going to the beach in gay ass clothes as seen above, isn't it time for a change? I'm not talking about the bullshit change Obama talks about where we wants to change 101 different things but goes to the White House and has a big wank. It's time people stopped accepting things for being the way they are and people should want to change the norm. There are facebook groups supporting the doctor who refused to give a dude treatment after suffering a stroke because the guy was Serbian.

Is it asking too much to not take a cop's eye out during a soccer match? It's a fucking game not the fight for the last loaf of bread in the world. I was told if I keep reading these papers within a few months I'd be de-sensitized as to what is going on because everyday, everywhere in the continent these things are a regular occurance. Are people not having good sex over there? I could understand historic tension and people who generally dislike each other but I can't dream of having hatred for a group and openly displaying it every single day of my life. Just from my porn viewing I know Europe have massive fuck parties where the hot chicks go and fuck dudes and the chicks outnumber the guys like 8 to 1. Why can't you all partake in that and put down the weapons, stop the hatred have more sex and masturbate more. The continent would be a much better place.

Recapping the Night: Back on the Green. It feels good.

$300 Austrailia -250= Return of $420 (W)
$100 Reds +124 (L)
$100 Phillies +114= Return of $214 (W)
$200 Rockies -1.5 -120= Postponed Return of $200 (P)
$100 Dodgers/Padres over 7.5 -120
$100 Yankees -1.5 +105= Return of $205 (W)
$100 White Sox -120 (L)
Play Of the Day:
$400 Toronto Blue Jays -120= Return of $733.33 (W)

Total Wagered: $1400
Total Returned: $1772.33
Total Profit: $372.33
Total Earned to Date: $4712.76
May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Friday, May 14, 2010

LeBlow keep on Dancing, Signed Joakim Noah

These motherfucking fairies keep making my wallets thinner and subsequently feeding the coke addiction of less strippers. I thought Kobe was bad when he displayed his vagina for the world during the Oklahoma series but fuck was I wrong. Not only did I once again lose money today but I got to witness a vagina that would make Jenna Jameson's look small. LeBron James you my friend are hands down the biggest pussy of the year and if it weren't for the faggot Euros in speedos you'd be the biggest pussy this world has ever seen. Cleveland, a great blue-collar town that loves LeBron has a massive billboard in the heart of the city that says WITNESS. Today I got to witness a guy who has all the talent in the world and the heart of a child rapist.

Maybe if you decided to play defence instead of standing there with your cock in your hand would the result have been different. Maybe if you decided to drive the ball instead of passing it time and time again to Jamario Moon you might have still been playing this season. Instead you stood there barking at your teammates and pouting for 48minutes. Tonight was your best Toronto Raptors impression. LeBron, it wasn't on them, it's on you. It's not the city, the fans, the coach, the upper-management, or your teammates. It's motherfucking you. You don't care about winning, you don't care about leading your team, you don't care about being the best player to ever play the game, you care about sipping fine wine with Jay-Z and wiping your ass with 100 dollar bills. That's the difference between the great players before you, they actually gave a fuck. In your career you have won fuck all but no one would ever tell you this to your face because they are too busy blowing you.

That's the problem with gambling. There's only so much stats you could read and variables you could account for. As a gambler you just can't have a player quit on you, it will always spell disaster especially when you're dealing with a player of this magnitude. Now comes the cat and mouse game where the media chases you around wondering where you'll sign next summer. Will it be New York will it be Chicago will you stay in Cleveland. All of that is uncertain but one thing remains clear, your 9 turnovers today and your half-assed performance proves your nothing but an ignorant cunt who has no love for the sport and is a self-centred whore. LeBron you could do whatever the fuck you want, no one is going to change your mind but wherever you go it'll be the same old shit. You'll dance around and dominate games during the season while showing flashes of brilliance and glimpses of an unimaginable level of skill. See at the end of the day I lie in my shitty twin bed that creaks and I know I didn't quit in anything I did. You could have the millions, your ugly bitch Savannah Brinson, and the celebrity life but the difference between you and everybody else is that you're a quitting faggot that has won nothing.

Recapping the Night: I feel good about Friday hopefully I can stop the bleeding.

$100 Sri Lanka +110 (L)
$200 Yankees -125 (L)
$100 Padres +163= Return of $263 (W)
$100 Mets +120 (L)
$100 Orioles +126= Return of $226 (W)
$100 Royals/Indians over 7.5 +100= Return of $200 (W)
Play of The Day:
$500 Cleveland Cavs +105 (L)

Total Wagered: $1200
Total Returned: $689
Total Loss: $511
Total Earned to Date: $4340.43

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Take Back What I Said

A couple of week ago after I saw the most perfect tits I made a blog entry talking about how plastic surgery is quite alright and should be a consideration by most ugly bitches, I was wrong. Last night I found out there was a new season of The Hills. I'm checking this shit out online because yes it's one of my favourite shows. (It's how I get the 16-18 year old girls) In the first episode I watch they show the face of Heidi Montag, a 23 year old girl who has had something like 20 cosmetic procedures. This bitch looked like Johnny Depp in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. She didn't look like a barbie or even plastic she looked she had just survived a 3 alarm blaze and her face had been all burnt up. What the fuck? Not even the ugliest hoes need 20 procedures to look hot, what the fuck is wrong with this bitch?

She went from being "fairly hittable" to " you couldn't pay me enough to stick my dick in that thing." Why would anyone need to do that much shit to their body? The one thing all females have that allow them to be loved is what's between their legs. You could be a crackhead, a CEO, a pornstar, even a granny as long as you got a well functioning vagina then someone will find you desireable. There are many cocks in this world willing to stoop as low as they can for some action. Therefore I can't understand why someone would want to change themselves to the extent where they want to look like Joan Rivers on crack. The fuck does anyone need size H tits for? I'd suffocate in those. The sad part about it is, the "riding the short bus to school" hoes I bang see girls like Heidi as a role-model and if I want any more action from these fine but retarded hoes I'll need to tell them how amazing this Willy Wonka looking girl is.

Among her plenty procedures why the hell would anyone need to shave down their cheeks. Just the thought makes me cringe. We live in a world where dumbasses and psychotic bitches get rewarded. I've seen dead old ladies filled with embalming fluid looking hotter than Heidi Montag. A while back I said it should be okay for girls to become bulimic if they wanted to get the job they desire or the guy they want but I'll take that back as well. There will always be someone to love the fat ones so no need for anyone to change, men are desperate enough. Heidi Montag or any other chick contemplating plastic surgery I have an excellent sollution to your problem. Take the scalpel the doctor will use and just slit your throat, it would make you the most attractive person ever and the world will love you.

Recapping the Night: Uhhh...I knew this would happen, can't win em all. Time to be smart and proceed with caution.


$100 Reds/Pirates over 9 -105 (L)
$100 Braves +145= Return of $245 (W)
$100 Phillies -1.5 (game 1) -120 (L)
$100 Dodgers/DBacks over 9.5 -120 (L)
$100 Mariners +103 (L)
$200 Phillies (game 2) +100= Postponed Return of $200 (P)
$100 Rays/Angels over 8 +100 (L)
$100 Mets/Nationals over 8 -120= Return of $180 (W)
$200 Bruins/Flyers over 5 -140 (L)
$200 Canadiens/Pens under 5.5 -140 (L)
$100 Canadiens +210= Return of $310 (W)
Play of The Day:
$400 Boston Red Sox +100 (L)

Total Wagered: $1800

Total Returned: $910
Total Loss: $890
Total Earned to Date: $4851.43

May the winners be ours. Taking over the world one step at a time. Incase you haven't gotten the memo my name is Julius James and I'm the fucking shit.