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Sunday, May 4, 2014

What Really Happened In My Life

Amazing ain't it. 4+ years later and I'm still drawn to this thing like it's the only thing I have in this world. I started this in December of 2009 as a means of talking shit. Then I graduated university and thought I knew everything. No scratch that, I fell in love, she died, I graduated, had a cushy office job, got fired, 2 weeks later got an even better cushy office job, started 1500 blogs as a way of talking shit, drank more, did more drugs, had more sex, cut out the vices, lost 15+ pounds, only to end up back at square one. I love this space more than you'll ever know. Let's talk. 

I miss me. This was a really cool place with my thoughts and then I became a pussy. I started listening to people when they would tell me their perceptions of the blogs and my thoughts and who I was or who I thought I was. IT WAS ALL BULLSHIT. I don't proofread my life so why the fuck did I start proofreading this blog. If you hate it you hate it if you love it you love it but I don't care. 90% of things we do in life, it's bullshit. You please your parents, then you go learn about Shakespeare and try to find yourself, then you get a job and it really all goes downhill, while somehow making sense. If you had to live life your way what would you do? I certainly wouldn't be up at 6:30am every morning running miles and driving 25km to work in the real estate industry as a consultant. I'd be doing blow off models and listening to "Kashmir" on repeat. Zeppelin for all you young clowns that are wondering what I was talking about. 

We try to be responsible and make others happy but in the end we're programmed to survive, not to be happy. In order to survive we do dumb shit like get degrees and wear cardigans and shit. I been wearing Levis and Polo tees since 1995 and I won't ever stop. Stop doing things for others and start living for you. Maintain morality in every sense capable but stop being a faggot, go out and make shit happen. Don't ever be ashamed of who you are, I've peed on numerous women in this world it is what it fucking is. I'm not boasting I just feel like coming clean. Tomorrow I'll have to walk into the office and act all normal, can I live?

Make this world yours, nothing else matters. Your parents hurt you by trying to help you. The people you call friends, only 10% of them really are friends the other 90 keep you around because they want to feel good about themselves. I'm presenting reality in the end the steady paycheck is great but it takes away from much of your life. Stability takes away from who you are, it minimalizes you diminishes the little individualism you have. Your job ain't all that important in the world we both know you spend more time fucking off work than actually working. Grab hold of something that makes you smile and gravitate towards it, everyday. This blog makes me smile, people make me smile, sports make me smile, wearing pants and listening to Avici or DeadMau5 makes me want to stab myself in the penis, we're different. Have a great week you guys, things change within seconds, stay on top of your life and don't give a fuck about anyone until you take care of yourself. Inshallah


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