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Monday, May 5, 2014

Free Donald Sterling

Women make us do crazy things. Naturally, we're meant to be rough on the exterior, incapable of showing weakness. A strong women will penetrate this rough exterior grabbing hold of your emotions and before you know it you look like the ass clown in today's picture. Hell of a quarterback but look at him, don't laugh, Gisele's box made him do it. As men, women are our weakness. Donald Sterling is no difference.

So some Jewish 80 year old hates blacks. Big deal. He employs blacks, he's banging a black, and he donates to blacks, but yall want to act like Rosa Parks, fuck outta here. I listened to the tapes, twice. I don't think Donnie is racist. I think he's stuck in a very old way of thinking, combine that with the fact that someone was in his ear about his gf getting fucked by Magic and boom, witness the explosion. "Let me more you juice babe!" Donald Sterling didn't commit a crime, he didn't kill anyone, he didn't knock his girl out, leaving her unconscious as at a casino like Ray Rice, no, Donnie emphatically said keep the blacks away from me.

For the record, he deserves to be banned from the team after that whole Jewish-dogs analogy but besides that, we can grow from Donnie's arrogance. We should feel sorry for him, he's 80 years old there's no changing that thought process. All the hatred and animosity towards Donald Sterling has been 90% reactionary. He's old, he's miserable, he's on his last breath. Move past it. The chick did him wrong. Racism is alive and well and in order to combat it, as blacks their needs to be pride instilled in the community. There needs to be a strong sense of belonging. With blacks, there has always been a crabs in the bucket mentality amongst ourselves and this needs to change. We need to change. We need to stop having babies without two parents, we need to make use of education and rise above the barriers WE PLACED in front of us. Let's get better so we don't have to reduce ourselves. Donnie is a cock sucking faggot, leave him alone. Tom Brady, sadly, is not too far behind. Stop it Tom.


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