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Monday, May 12, 2014

Weak Beings

It has since been confirmed, the world is one giant, weak clit. I used to have hope for this world. I lived in a world where Biggie rapped "I hope you know my nigga gutta like to kidnap kids, fuck em in the ass throw em over the bridge" and people sung along. No Nancy Grace analyzing these lyrics on a nightly basis. No protests for anyone against child rape. It was a line that fit the time, we understood it to be art. No one fucked a kid in the ass and threw him over a bridge, this was art, this was New York in the 90s. This was a rough exterior, a composition of all things meant to express yourself. Fast forward 20 years, you think someone could rap like that today? Fuck no. 

If Biggie gave us that line today there would be a line of people crying. There would be sponsorships being pulled and the world would get on its high horse pretending that Biggie meant what he wrote. This weekend we saw two very similar acts that depict the soft world we live in. Michael Sam, the gay NFL player was on ESPN in a pink polo kissing some skinny white dude built like a girl. Let's address this first. If you can play football, you can play football and deserve to be on an NFL team. If Michael Sam is worthy of being in a football roster then I'm glad he got the opportunity, he deserves it. Why the fuck is he in a Pink Polo and why the fuck is he kissing some white dude that looks like Jake Gylenhall (sp). That's some weak shit. I don't care if it's ignorant, this is sports. This is a barbaric sport where people don't make it past the age of 50. Yet there goes Michael Sam in his pink polo. We've sadly become conditioned to accept this batty-mon behavior. There's no space for Pink Polos, and kissing men in sports I don't care what you do in your own home. 

Then today I got faced with a tragic reality. Jay-Z, the man who influenced me for years with "Can I live"..."The Blueprint"..and "The Black Album." Flawless records filled with gems 50 years after my time. Teaching you how to survive, how to be a man, how you were born down 30 points and how to even the score. Jay-Z was a big part of my growth, he gave us hope, strength, power displayed the true art of survival in a world we're not meant to be. Then today happened. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out TMZ but basically Jay-Z got his ass beat by Beyonce's sister (she's today's picture). Beyonce's sister caught Jay-Z in an elevator and went ape shit, while Jay-z pretty much stood there trying to calm her down and Beyonce didn't move a finger. What happened to protecting yourself? What happened to living your rhymes? She knocked him in the face and he stood there, lifeless. The world is getting soft, corrupted by weak beings and every time Cee-Lo does another live performance it gets a bit softer. Make the world a better place, stand up for what's right and knock people the fuck out when they deserve it. Inshallah


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