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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Get Rob Ford the Fuck Out of Here

I've always backed Rob Ford, politically. His attempts to clean up city Hall have always been valid, his strive to reach the needy areas have been documented and he doesn't take shit from the pretentious faggots located in city hall. With that said, I rather live in a world with 1000000 Donald Sterlings than 1 Rob Ford. I was fine with his antics, his corruption, his ancient views, his alcoholism and his drug use but last week, in my eyes he finally crossed the line.

The evidence is clear as day, he was in his sister's basement doing crack with his sister. Now his sister, either is a drug addict or a recovering addict, whichever is, but I view that as a piece of shit, cunt of a man, enabling his sister. Forget being the Mayor of Toronto, you're a grown ass man. A man. Yet you hand your sister, a clear addict, a crack pipe. Fuck you Rob Ford. That's the lowest I've seen a human go in a long ass time. It's one thing to get drunk in public and do crack but to hand your sister a crack pipe is the lowest of the lows. The world would be better off without people like this. I hope Rob Ford is never in a position of power again. I hope he spends the rest of his breaths on earth in a locked room eating lean cuisine and listening to Mumford and Sons on repeat. Fuck you Rob Ford, that's your mother fucking blood and you're doing crack with an addict, you're sister.

Today, once again he crossed the line. In Rob Ford's magical world, he's in a "working kind of rehab" where he gets to answer emails, talk to reporters and work on his campaign. Fuck this guy with every breathe in my body, a living breathing cunt piece of shit. Who the fuck is he fooling? Then he compared rehab to the Washington Redskins training camp. Anyone with half a brain understands that the whole point of rehab is to shut yourself out from the rest of the world while you rebuild your life. You're faced with insurmountable mental tasks, you're forced to face reality. Yet Rob Ford wants us to believe he's in some great facility where he works out and beats off to YouPorn because he's in some special rehab. Fuck out of here Rob Ford is at home doing crack, eating beef jerky and acting like the racist cunt piece of shit he is. He crossed the line when he handed his sister, an addict, a crack pipe. He then wants us to believe this dumb shit about how rehab is amazing. Fuck out of here. Millions of people suffer from addiction and they bust their ass to face a GLIMMER of hope that they can recover. This cunt is in his basement dancing to Headley and doing crack. Fuck you Rob Ford, fuck your lying cunt ass. I've never seen someone with such low character repeatedly find ways to piss on themselves even more. Harsh realities will present themselves and unfortunately we'll see this train wreck come to an end, one way or another, Inshallah.